An Upper East Side Gem + Weekly Wrap Up

I’m so excited for one of Monday’s home tours because it belongs to a friend of mine who lives in the most beautiful gem of an apartment on the upper east side of Manhattan. It’s one of the smallest apartments I’ve visited, but they have done such an amazing job of making the most of the space (scaled-down furniture, mirrors, making the most of windows and light) feel like the most welcoming space ever. I can’t wait to share the full space on Monday, but I wanted to preview it here today. Their bedroom is so sweet and I love the bright pop of yellow that is their dresser. I’m heading out for the weekend, but we’re excited to see you on Monday! Have a wonderful weekend! xo, grace

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:


I always get excited for Mondays because of D*S’s sneak peaks! Can’t wait for this one too!

vito andolini

The room looks so decent and simple. Waiting for the full view of apartment and thinking to renovate mine like this one.