WATCH LIVE: Design Chat with New York Mag + HGTV’s Emily Henderson!

Today is the last of our 3-part series of short interviews with designers and curators. Along with Wendy Goodman of New York Magazine, I’ve been co-hosting short 15 minute episodes that you can watch live in our posts here and on New York Magazine online. Today we’re wrapping up the series and speaking LIVE with HGTV’s Emily Henderson. In this episode we’ll be talking about design trends, personalizing your home space and the way the internet has changed the way people decorate. I hope you’ll tune in! The feed will be LIVE here from 12pm EST to 12:15pm EST. Hope to see you on air- I’ll be recording from home! xo, grace

rebecca mebane

Love Emily! Didn’t know she was pregnant either – how exciting!


“Homes are like people: the more perfect you are, the less I want to be around you.”


Great way to end the series. Emily is so candid and down-to-earth. Love her!

Amanda Risius

Love this!! Emily is my ultimate favorite designer so what a joy to see her in video! Totally love her advice on trends.


I was so excited/surprised to see Emily featured on your site! It was a special treat to see my favorite web and TV curators sharing the same space. Thanks!