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The D*S Pumpkin Project: Gem-O-Lanterns by Molly Madfis

by Maxwell Tielman


Halloween season is officially upon us and, with it, one of our favorite parts of autumn: PUMPKINS. We pretty much love pumpkins in all of their forms—pumpkin pies, pumpkin bread, pumpkin soup, scary-faced jack-o-lanterns—but this year, we wanted to do something different with this tried-and-true fall staple. So, for a bit of a twist on the yearly ritual of pumpkin carving, we invited some of our favorite designers, artists, and designers to come up with some new ideas for jack-o-lanterns.

Our first set of re-imagined jack-o-lanterns comes from Molly Madfis, the multi-talented blogger behind Almost Makes PerfectHer gemstone pumpkins (or what I like to call “gem-o-lanterns”) have a fresh, playful, yet grown-up look that will help glam-out all of your Halloween festivities. Check out Molly’s full DIY after the jump! —Max



  • 3 small pumpkins
  • a small carving tool
  • marker
  • white spray paint



 1. Draw your gems onto your pumpkins with marker. If you make mistakes, you can fix up a little using nail polish remover.


2. Carve the top and hollow out your pumpkin as much as possible. The smaller pumpkins were a little more difficult to hollow out than normal sized. Once they’re empty, carve out your designs.


3. Paint your pumpkins white (or any color you’d like!). Pop a candle inside and light them up!


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