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The D*S Pumpkin Project: Jessica Marquez’s Danish-Inspired Jack-O-Lanterns

by Maxwell Tielman

This week, as part of the D*S Pumpkin Project, we’re sharing new takes on the traditional jack-o-lantern, courtesy of some of our favorite designers, artists, and bloggers. Yesterday, we shared blogger Molly Madfis’ gemstone-inspired carved pumpkins. Today’s fabulous pumpkin project comes from Jessica Marquez, the artist and embroiderer-extraordinaire behind Miniature RhinoStitched Giftsand last spring’s embroidery DIY series. “I was inspired by a little dish from Denmark I use to hold my rings,” Jessica says. “I collect vintage dishes and this one was a gift from my boyfriend. It’s one of my favorites. I loved the idea of a tiny city by the sea held within the world a little pumpkin.” Check out Jessica’s full DIY and all of the photos after the jump! —Max




  • Standard pumpkin carving kit (available at most drug stores this time of year)
  • Fine point wet erase marker
  • Circular NIJI wood carving tools


1. I put on Rob Zombies’s Halloween Hootenany to get into the Halloween spirit!


2. Carve out a circular bottom on the pumpkin. Clean out the seeds and scrape around the whole pumpkin. Save the seeds to roast them later!

3. Use the wet erase maker to draw out your city scape, and waves around the whole pumpkin. The wet erase marker is great because you can wipe away any mistakes with a damp paper towel.
jessicamarquez_pumpkins_6 jessicamarquez_pumpkins_7
4. Crave and push out shapes. Clean up any rough edges. Add random circular stars at the top by twisting the wood carving tool in a complete circle.
5. Rinse the pumpkin clean of any marker or pumpkin cravings.
6. Add some tea lights and enjoy!

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