Striped Watering Cans

I know that prime summer gardening season is behind us, but it’s never to late to plan for next year- or to keep your indoor plants thriving. I’m loving these beautiful hand-painted watering cans that come in a cheerful range of red and green colors. They’re pretty enough to leave out during the day (so you’ll remember actually use them) and they’re sturdy indoor/outdoor iron so they’ll last for years to come. If you’re working on your green thumb this fall (or just want an interesting vessel for cut flowers) click here to check them out in full and order online ($68-$78 each). And of course, these would be great inspiration for a DIY project of your own if you’ve got time this weekend. Painting a pattern on some old watering cans that need some love sure beats an extra hour or tv. xo, grace



Fun and practical–I love the shape of the smaller one. I got an orange watering can at the nursery and it always makes me happy to see it.