Striped Wallpaper Borders

I’ve never been a big fan of wallpaper borders, but when they’re striped and make a room look as if it’s a wrapped gift, I’m in. These colorful striped wallpaper borders are a collaboration between Jane Cumberbatch and artist Fiona de Courcy Wheeler. Jane’s website has some great examples of how to use the borders, from more traditional methods to unexpected places like table sides and as a way to create molding where there is none. Click here to check out all eight colors and order online right here. xo, grace




The stripes look great! I love the way they frame the walls and doors with pops of color that add just enough interest.


LOVE stripes! What a playful way to highlight areas! I didn’t even know wallpaper borders existed. Thank you!

Jane Cumberbatch

Hi Grace, so glad everyone here likes the borders!! we’re now working on the next collection! Janex