Sneak Peeks: Best of Copper

Metals continue to be a strong trend in home design. They add just the right amount of polish and elegance to a home without being too opulent. While reporting on trends at ICFF back in May, Grace proclaimed copper to be her favorite, and I would have to agree. I love the warmth of copper, whether it’s a shiny new pendant lamp or a weathered old tea pot. Though it may be having a moment right now, copper has an undeniably timeless quality and can be incorporated into a home in any numbers of ways. To give you some ideas and inspiration, here are some of our favorite examples of copper from our Sneak Peek archives. -Shannon

Image above: After discovering Blu Dot in New York, Arran and Jacqui Lewis decided to ship this copper desk back to their Australian home and buy the copper chair from a distributor in Australia.

Image above: Joy Cho chose a coppery rose gold hue to add playful polka dots to her daughter’s nursery in her Los Angeles home.

Image above: This elegant copper watering can found in this Hoboken home was a garage sale find.

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More examples of copper around the home after the jump…

Image above: These copper cookware pieces on display are well used in this Edinburgh home.

Image above: A copper kite basket serves as a curious wall decoration in this London home.

Image above: Claire Bingham loves her vintage industrial lamp in the living room of her Macclesfield, UK home, especially because it is a mixture of both copper and brass.

Image above: Julio’s interpretation of the iconic Jean Prouve lamp in his Brazilian home. He welded the copper on his stove!

Image above: In Anna-Wili Highfield and Simon Cavanough’s home, this weathered copper tube has the name of every person Simon remembers knowing engraved on it, giving an otherwise forgotten object special meaning.

Copper on display in Lance and Quon’s festive vintage barware set in their Philadelphia home.

Image above: Shelby Girard displays copper vases in her home, brought home from her dad’s farm.

Image above: This quirky bronze/copper dog portrait in this Ontario home was found in Jacqui’s dad’s basement, where they say it watches over the suitcases below.

Image above: These copper measuring spoons are important tools in Shara Henderson and Paul Wesolek’s home, especially for making hot toddies and buttered rum come winter.

Image above: An antique Anatolian copper basin serves as a sink in this exotic Philadelphia home.

Image above: The warm tone of the copper pendant light contrasts well with the cool gray tones elsewhere in the living room of this Toronto home.

Image above: This one gets my vote for most unexpected use of copper. The installation above the bed in this New York home is made of hanging glass bud vases found at CB2 filled with copper BBs.

Image above: A copper ceiling greets visitors in the front entryway of Alyn Carlson and Paul Clancy’s home.

Diana of The Jewels of New York wanted her kitchen to have a feminine feel, with hints of copper to bring warmth.

Another example of copper in this exotic Philadelphia home, an antique copper tray serves as the dining table under the pergola.


That copper chair is awesome! After pewter (my preferred metal to work with) I love copper best as a metal. I actually strip electricity wires to use the copper for my projects. Nothing as fancy as mentioned here, but very fun!


really love these posts when you group images by color or materials…really helps me to pay attention to the details i often miss when i look at lots of images of one home. this round-up is especially inspiring.