Peek into a Brooklyn Prop Rental Studio

After 10 years of producing events for major brands, Corrin Arasa finally decided to do something about her frustration with the rentals available for events. She used the vintage collection that she had amassed over the years as the foundation of Patina Vintage Rentals,. a company that focuses on providing vintage, one of a kind pieces for events. Corrin and her team design, create and curate a vintage collection of décor and props for designers and stylists. Ten months ago, Patina set up shop in this studio in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. Corrin wanted to keep the space open and light so that the mix of colors and textures in the furniture and accessories would really pop. Thanks Corrin! And a big thank you to Kristin Gladney for the lovely photos! -Amy

Image above: Because we are always creating new one of a kind pieces, and because of the nature of our business, things are always changing, the studio is a constantly evolving platform for design and creativity. It’s kind of like my life sized inspiration board. I love when talented designers and stylists come in and create new vignettes or stage new areas. They have so much fun they don’t want to leave ( plus the good music and champagne helps) its so fascinating to see what different people can do with the same pieces- we get to watch that creative process take place- its really fun.


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Image above: This is our Rehab workshop. We send lots of things to rehab-buying vintage means things need to be spiffed up or often completely re-done. We reupholster most of our sofas and chairs. Reimagining and redesigning those pieces is one of my favorite things about my job. I love to combine old pieces with new colors or unexpected textures. Or old textiles on modern shapes- there is so much room for creativity here. Colleen, our upholsterer is game for just about anything- she really knows the craft.







Image above: We made these tables out of a old barn up in Woodstock- the wood has so much character. The mix-and-match chairs are collected from estate sales, auctions and flea markets. That’s Colleen working on a couch in the corner.


Image above: This is our office, I believe in good, honest, hard work, positive thinking and going the extra mile. This saying has proven to be true.

Image above: Our place has these great tin ceilings with so much character and we wanted to highlight it so we strung some upholstery fringe (the sort that you’d use on the bottom of a sofa) and café lights for fun. I love vintage upholstered couches and chairs, I’m really lucky I get to buy so many!

Image above: I have a thing for old oil portraits I collect them at flea markets-especially dogs.



Image above: This is our entry way with an arrow from Brimfield.  The paper airplanes were made by my son Devin,  he’s kind of obsessed with making them so I gave him some vintage books and he made a bunch  and we hung them from fishing wire. Each time he comes into the studio he makes a few more.


There are no words for how much I love this. My apartment looks a lot like this (vintage EVERYTHING- Brimfield is my mothership), but if I had this much variety, I don’t think I’d ever leave it! One of my favorite posts to-date and I’ve been a very longtime reader.


LOVE Patina! Their props are to die for and the ladies are incredibly sweet and welcoming. Such a great space!

Michelle Edgemont

There are not enough kind adjectives in the english language to describe working with Patina. They have always treated all of my clients (and myself) with the upmost creativity and go-getter attitude. They are the raddest.


What a dream business! Getting to buy all the vintage goodies you want and letting others enjoy them without having to give them up.


Where did you get the wonderful hanging paper banners? They are fantastic. this whole space is great, thanks for sharing.


That’s Conan’s quote from his last show at NBC, isn’t it?


Yessssss Patina!!! The gals at my side gig go all the time and I’m so jealous every time they’re ‘gramming from their visits. And everything in their inventory is spot -effing on.


I LOVE this! I’m sorry but I have to ask—where did you get that fantastic DRESS?!


This is AMAZING! Dreamy and wonderful too! Thank you for sharing it with us.


What color blue paint did you use? I love it! It’s such a great backdrop for the art.


Lovely place! I love reading books and somehow, this place makes it so inviting that I can spend days reading books in it. Should turn it into a bookstore. :)


One day I was going to visit a friend who is in the same building and I discovered PATINA. OMG!! I was amazed at the incredible items they had in stock.
Also the genius way the items were displayed!!! What a great place!!!!!!


Love those chairs hanging on the wall. That to me is art of the finest kind!


Thank you so much for all of your kind words! We are so overwhelmed over here, we just love reading your comments. Leslie, we used a custom blend from Benjamin Moore to match our logo- they matched it to Pantone 432. It’s a great color.


She has my name and is already doing what I am working towards… Perhaps this is a sign I should keep working towards my dream