Sneak Peek: Best of Silver

Now that we’ve featured gold and copper, it feels only right to round out our best of metallics by showcasing silver. While I may be partial to the warmer metals, I love the cool refinement that silver brings to a home. While combing through the archives I noticed a frequent historical connection, since its common to see examples of silver in antiques and family heirlooms. Whether you collect antique silver or just want to add a sleek, modern touch to any room in the home, there’s something for everyone in these 13 examples of silver from our Sneak Peek archives. -Shannon

Image above: This elegant old silver teapot in Ariel Dearie’s home has heat resistant ebony inlaid on the handle.

Image above: This silver patterned wallpaper lends a serene, calming feeling to Joshua and Jodie Steen’s bedroom in their Brooklyn home.

Image above: These silver pedestal tables provide a clean modern contrast to the abundance of color and vintage patterns in Jessie Artigue’s Hoboken, New Jersey home.

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Image above: These candlestick holders complete the perfect coffee table vignette in Sarah Davison’s Australian home.

Image above: This silver lamp in Jessie Webster’s bedroom is just right for some late night reading.

Image above: The silver stag hanging in Annabelle Kerslake’s home is one of her best buys, she purchased it from a local home store in Australia.

Image above: Here is another view of Sarah Davison’s living room, more silver accents nestled in with the Bertoia large Diamond chair.

Image above: This silver antler is a lovely and unexpected centerpiece on Amy and Erich McVey’s dining table in their Oregon home.

Image above: Dansk designer Jens Quistgaard’s Fjord silverware completes the Mid-Century Modern table settings in Gilbert Ford’s home.

Image above: Molly Bingaman describes metallics, like this silver mercury glass vase, a “fancy neutral” that can work anywhere and be mixed together throughout the home. See more of her Kansas City home here.

Image above: This large footed antique silver tray enhances the glamourous style of Roséline Lohr’s Edinburgh home.

Image above: More silver in Jessie Webster’s home, this time her mismatched collection of antique silverware gathered on the kitchen counter.

Image above: This silver monogrammed jewelry box found in Rachel Krauskopf’s home is a family keepsake, given to her by her sister as a maid of honor gift.

Jennifer Jakobsen

What a lovely lamp!! Any idea where to buy one of these? Or DIY?


Love the way the round mirror perfectly reflects the art on the opposite wall. Lovely!


I so need this! I have an antique teapot, coffee pot, and creamer that are slowly tarnishing in the back of a kitchen cabinet. Maybe it’s time to take them out and find a way to display them! Thank you for inspiring me!


I’m thinking of re-upholstering my sofa and considering having it done with two colors, e.g. the cushions with a different color than the rest of the sofa. Can you please do a best of two colored sofas so I can find inspiration?


Silver is beautiful. But what about pewter? It’s not as expensive. It shines just as much. And best of all, it does not tarnish! Pewter is a wonderful, versatile semi-precious metal to work with. I’ll just have to submit my work to Design Sponge :)