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Sneak Peek: A Victorian Bristol Home that Mixes Old and New

by anne

This sneak peek inside the Bristol, UK home of Greg and Jill Murray comes to us with a little help from Cassandra Linton. Cassandra co-runs the antique furniture and decorative item shop Dig Haushizzle, and she started to notice the fabulous style of her clients’ homes. As for this home, Greg and Jill moved in 9 months ago after they both fell in love with the Victorian features of the high ceilings and original proportions of the house, not to mention the great bars and restaurants nearby. Style-wise it’s a mix of old and new pieces. For years Jill has worked as a fashion buyer in London, with a love of textiles, furniture and homewear. Nearly two years ago she and her brother David decided to go into business together and own a clothing shop called Henry based in Cape Town, South Africa, which sells Danish and British menswear brands. Their next adventure is an interiors shop called House of Henry based in the UK and is due to be up and running in the New Year. If their home is any indication, I can’t wait to see the shop! Many thanks Jill, Cassandra, and photographer photographer Anni Skilton from Annik Media! –Anne

Image above: In our dining room the wall is painted in soft black and an old cupboard turned into a drinks cabinet. Cream Juju hat above the fireplace and the leather and chrome chair is a Les Arcs chair by Charlotte Perriand. The set of small mounted roe deer antlers all £25 from Dig Haüshizzle.

Image above: The kitchen was repainted white and I wanted to keep the colors quite neutral. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen and eventually we would like to put bi-fold doors out to the garden.


Click for more inside Jill and Greg’s beautiful Bristol home after the jump!

Image above: The lounge is one of the prettier rooms. It has many of the original features. I repainted the walls in Farrow and Ball and the mirror was a second hand find.

Image above: The ink painting was a commission by Artist friend Kate Mackeson for Greg’s 30th birthday. It’s one of our most treasured items. The black chairs are by Bertoia and the grey industrial lampshade is by Dig Haushizzle.

Image above: Large refectory table by Dig Haushizzle, chairs are Les Arcs, the painting was one of the last done by my grandmother and was a wedding gift. Chandelier was another second hand find. The acrylic letter “R” was also purchased from Dig Haüshizzle.



Image above: The fuchsia Juju Hat is from Cameroon and the chairs are covered in vintage Liberty print fabric. The 1950s sunflower side table is by Samaya Ling Vintage for Dig Haüshizzle.


Image above: The chair is from an antique market, the flower light is a second hand find and the antlers are from Dig Haushizzle. The Green shoes are by Missonni.


Image above: In our bedroom we have a huge antique French cane bed which we repainted in Farrow and Ball.


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  • Absolutely beautiful ! Great style . I love the big table and the antique bed.
    Very inspiring ! And she seems a lovely Lady too…

  • Perhaps “quiet neutral” is exactly what was meant. Neutrals do tend to be much quieter than boisterous colors.

  • I love the bar that is integrated into the built in next to the fireplace. I have been wondering what to do with the floor to ceiling shelves in my built in, and with a small and old house, this seems like a great use of entertaining space. Great home!

    Catherine… I am sure you meant to say, “please proof read” because nothing is spelled wrong. Someone’s fingers were just a bit fast and reversed the order of the letters. Who cares!!

  • Where did you get the leather Chesterfield in the kitchen?- please tell.. I’ve been searching for ages- I’m UK based
    Great House, great post.

  • In love with that view of the misty, moisty walled garden from the kitchen. Thanks for the post.

  • I think everything about your home is very, very beautiful– like living in a well curated museum. Thanks for sharing!

  • What an absolutely beautiful space! I was sorry to see such negative comments – most of them not even pertaining to the space, thankfully – this gloomy Monday must be the culprit!

  • what a sad bunch of people posting comments…. i guess people have nothing else to do but to hurt people…. sad……. GREAT HOME!!!!!!

  • I think “Eugh” is a bit strong for a transposed-letter spelling mistake. In fact for any single spelling mistake. Personally I think everyone gets one spelling mistake for free – especially as it occasionally turns something mundane into something really funny, and the world would be a lesser place without those “Keep off the Gass” moments.

  • Hello Polly, I used Farrow and Ball in Manor house grey in the lounge…it was bliss to work with!
    Thanks to everyone for the comments and apologies for the spelling mistake !!

  • Absolutely gorgeous grey and loved all the details, right down to the grey cup n saucer and the hydrangeas! Genius at work, what a home x

  • So much to love, really gorgeous! Those Charlotte Perriand chairs are so beautiful. Makes me want to move back to England!

  • Beautiful house, lovely feel to it. Very specific question about flooring, have your sanded floors got a stain on or not? Obsessing about whether to go with natural boards or stained dark ones in my hall, I love how yours look. Loving the first photo’s floor and the one with the dining table too. Thanks for sharing your home, Always good to see one from the uk.

  • Hi Katie, the floors were like this when we moved in, I think they have had a stain put on them. I’m considering sanding them down and then staining them dark as we did this in our previous house and it looked amazing. Or painting the floors could look good too…

  • I just love everything!!! (Well, except for the skin rugs and deer antlers. Tired of these decor trends.)

  • Saying something is “so 5 years ago” is… so 5 years ago.
    And I’m tired of people saying they are tired of things.

    And I really like this house! :-)

  • Thanks for getting back to me, we’ve had dark in the last two houses too, sometimes it’s good to go with what you know. But change is good too… choices, choices!

  • I adore the flower lamp, would love one of these. Great hoose (no spell check, its Scottish)

  • I like the fixture used in your kitchen above the table. Would you mind sharing the source? I’ve been looking for a pendant with chain for my kitchen table which is off center from the light fixture. Thanks!

  • So beautiful, I LOVE this place. Such good color and texture combos. She is gorgeous! That hair!

  • Beautiful, peaceful home!!
    Many of the comments were very ugly tho! Where were they coming from?? Maybe jealousy??
    People make mistakes, I once posted a misspelled word on the title of an object I was selling. Luckily someone finally put everyone out of their misery about it by telling me.. LOL!

  • What a beautiful house! Many compliments to you, mixing old with new is not an easy task and you have achieved such design harmony. Also I am in love with your bed!

  • I love the bed too – adds real character and texture, breaking up the main room colour and design. The whole house is lovely. I love the grey colour scheme with natural accents and the contrasting pops of colour. Its a very warm and welcoming house. I adore the gold mirror above the mantel, gold compliments grey really well and this mirror creates a fabulous focal point, drawing you in.

  • Hello Ellen, thank you for your comment.. the Grey Light in the kitchen was from Dig Haushizzle, where I have bought quiet a few things from, the chain I bought from a hardwear store. Happy hunting!

  • Re spell check, I agree with people who think it’s pretty picky to mention it. Now that I have, the phrase critiqued could be interpreted as “the color is in a quiet, neutral family”. I love your style and your home, Jillian. If I could mix elegant antiques and contemporary styles the way you have, I wouldn’t “kare if eye could evr spel a werd agin.”
    Please tell me what color and type of paint you used on the smaller table (under the Kate Makeson piece).

  • For the spelling guru, “Eugh” is often spelled “Ewwwwwwww”.
    Wonderful home. I love that you have antiques which are quite detailed,
    yet your overall style is very clean, not at all fussy. Beautiful.

  • Hello JJ, Thank you for your lovely comment! The table was painted in Ronseal slate grey floor paint.

  • I love your home:-) I’d love to visit your stores as well. Thank you for opening your heart and home to share with like minded design enthusiast.

    I love design sponge for being an inspirational design resource NOT for being a lesson in spell check .

    • They live in England. Hence, the British spelling conventions. Why is that a problem?

  • This is glorious – if I could move straight in I wouldn’t change a thing (except to add cats)!

    Shame that the snarky commenters are starting to migrate over from Apt Therapy. It’s why I stopped visiting the site. Didn’t anyone tell you guys that if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all?

  • Jill and Greg’s house had me smiling. So many similar ideas we share! The homey chesterfield and easy chair in the kitchen…comfort!
    The farrow and Ball colors seamlessly tie the whole house together.And the bed… Youza!
    thank you Jill,Greg and Design Sponge.

  • Hi there can you tell me the colour of the grey used in your dining room please xx

  • hi love your house. Very interested in your kitchen as have one similar which I cannot afford to extend so how wide is yours and how have u laid out the units cooker etc. can I have a photo of the rest ?.!

  • Hi there,
    Love your home. Could you tell me where you got your bird cushion from in your kitchen please? Love it
    G. X

  • Hi there,

    I just seen your beautiful living room on pinterest and I would like to ask about your victorian fire place because I have almost the same like yours and I would like to refresh little bit so I have question do you know if that stone what is use in frame I can paint or do anything to make look better?

    Many thanks