Sibella Court + McTavish Surfboard Collaborations

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One of the things I told myself I’d do a few years ago was learn to surf with Amy. One of the thing I admire most about her is that she is constantly trying new things, tackling old fears and learning learning learning. A couple summers ago headed out to the Rockaways, hopped on a surfboard and made it look like surfing was the easiest thing in the world to do. While I haven’t quite had the guts to join her, I’ve been admiring, and enjoying, the way she’s been injecting surf culture into our lives at the office. So when I got an email from McTavish Surfboards about their collaboration with Sibella Court, I got excited.

Sibella has been coordinating a series of collaborations between young Australian artists, dyers and designers to create graphics for McTavish’s surf boards. This new collection, called Gypsy, includes beautiful work by Shibori, Bethany Linz, The Society Inc. and soon to come, Bonnie & Neil. I love the way that Sibella thinks about adding pattern and color to any product you find in your daily life. So whether you’re heading out to surf this morning or just want to hang something unexpected and beautiful on your walls, these boards would make quite the statement piece. Click here to check out McTavish’s boards online and contact them about an order. Thanks, Sibella! xo, grace


With the government shutdown happening, it’s a little hard to focus on surfboards with flamingos painted on them. How about an article on “making do?”


That top board is beautiful, definitely one I’d want to stand in a corner or hang on the wall when I wasn’t using it. I really need to get back into surfing.

Grace Bonney


I like to think of this site as a distraction from the frustration and issues that weigh us down on a daily basis. That said, we have a free business advice column every week designed to help people support themselves and improve their businesses- our version of ‘making do’ in the creative community.




The flamingos are not ‘painted’ on the surfboards. It is a fabric print that is laminated onto the surfboard under the fibreglass (very tricky).

I’m a dude from Australia that checks this blog/website everyday, and it’s cool to see surfboards get a run every now and then. A good way to ‘make do’ with what you’ve got? Go surfing!

Miss Heliotrope

Not all readers of this site are American – & Sibella Court & McTavish are Australian – other governments & economies are still going.