Shino Takeda Salt + Pepper Dishes and 10 Beautifully Packaged Salts

Despite my best efforts, I am constantly dehydrated. I’ve never been good at drinking enough water during the day and I am constantly adding salt to everything I eat and cook. I know it’s wrong, but the relationship between me and salt is one that’s long lasting and dedicated. While I’m making an effort to cut back on the quantity of salt I use, I’m still collecting salts like no one’s business. And what better way to display them than in these beautiful salt + pepper dishes from Shino Takeda ($32 each). Each one is a tiny work of art and makes me feel a little better about always having salt out on the table. And speaking of salt, here are 10 beautifully-packaged (and great tasting) salts you can add to your collection, too… xo, grace


Salt sources (don’t miss the Magic Unicorn Salt!) continue after the jump…

Image above: 1. Magic Unicorn Salt $7.99 | 2. Jacobsen Salt Tin 4 for $14 | 3. Maldon Salt Tin $2 | 4. Flor Del Delta Natural Sea Salt $13.99 | 5.
Organic Grey Sea Salt $8.99 | 6. Rose Salt $14.50 | 7. Butcher Salt $24.95 | 8. Italian Salt from Salina di Cervia| 9. Murray River Salt $11.99 | 10. Maison Orphee Course Grey Sea Salt $3.99

Mandy Doubt

I went to Maldon, in Essex UK to find the sea salt factory. No one knew where it was! Wierd


I live near where they make #9 and it’s lovely salt, the pretty pink colour is a bonus.


Grace you must try to find Murray River salt from Australia. Lovely pale pink flakes, and the flavour is like no other!