Scout Regalia’s New “SR” Wall Hooks


Back in May, after stumbling upon their booth at this year’s ICFF, we featured the charming, utilitarian products of the Los Angeles-based Scout Regalia. The co-creation of SCI-Arc graduates Benjamin Luddy and Makoto Mizutani, the company handcrafts beautifully simple, functional home objects that are imbued with a subtle sense of old-school whimsy. Over the years, their small but impressive line of home goods has included such wares as bicycles, bookshelves, custom-crafted picnic tables, and home gardening kits. Now, with the small release of their “SR” wall hooks, the tiny company is at it again! In characteristic Scout Regalia fashion, these little lovelies contain the perfect amalgam of functional modernism and throwback charm. Crafted from heavy gauge powder-coated steel and stamped with the company’s signature flags, the hooks are available in a bright, industrial orange and a more somber navy grey—perfect timing for Halloween! Check out the rest of Scout Regalia’s wonderful line of products on their website here. —Max