Paola Navone for Crate and Barrel

Every morning after I take Hope to the park for her off-leash hour, I start my work morning with the same routine. I pull my laptop onto the couch, ready my coffee by my side and start deleting spam emails from my work account and weeding through the pages of press newsletters that all bloggers seem to get involuntarily signed up for these days. It’s a calming part of my day because it’s mostly a simple click of the delete key over and over again (until I get to the personal design submission emails, which I love). But yesterday I stopped short of deleting a newsletter from Crate & Barrel because in the preview I saw the most beautiful shock of ocean blue.

The image was a preview of Italian designer, architect, industrial designer Paola Navone’s new collection for Crate & Barrel. Normally when I see a guest collection from a designer, especially of her caliber, it’s a relatively small series of pieces that feel mildly watered down from the artist’s original style. But for me, this collection knocks it out of the park. Not only did Paola design well over 50 new designs for C&B, but she kept the spirit of her work completely intact and managed to walk that difficult line between on-trend and timeless. I immediately wanted to order all of the table linens, indigo-colored ceramics and silver pitchers. They feel like great pieces to own and entertain with at any age and in any interior. I could see them easily being dressed up for fancy dinner parties or dressed down for everyday meals. The majority of the collection ranges from $2.95 to $200 (with a few larger furniture pieces at higher price points) and feels super accessible to me. I think I might have to go ahead and order a few of them- they feel like pieces that will sell quickly and leave me wishing I’d ordered sooner (like the beloved Kobenstyle edition) so if you’re in the same boat, click here to check out the collection and order online. Thanks to Paola for continually inspiring us with incredible work and by being such a strong role model for women in the design field. xo, grace

{Image above: Como Tablecloth $129+}

More from the collection after the jump…

Como Pitcher $49.95

Como Splash Bowl $29.95

Mallorca Bowls ($8) + Saucers ($5)

Riviera Scallop Bowl $60

Linen napkins $8.99 each


Some of the pieces in her collection make me think of Miro’s paintings. I like her sense of humor, play and curving lines. They feel very bright, free and expressive. Those hammered texture salad “short set” serving pieces are like sculptures or jewelry you can use for serving food. So fun.