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North of South and East of West, an oasis of warmth and style in Minneapolis

by Shannon Grant

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Michelle LeBlanc and her husband Chris Riemenschneider have lived in their Minneapolis home for almost 12 years, after moving there from Austin, Texas. It’s a small house, but since they were sure they would move back to Austin sooner rather than later, they put off moving to a larger space. Over the years as their family size grew from two to four with daughters Lila and Louisa, it became apparent that they weren’t moving anytime soon and needed to adapt the space to their growing family. Thus, four years ago Michelle enlisted the help of her friend, interior designer Nadia Haddad, to re-vamp the space. Her email said something to the effect of “Ladies of the Canyon meets Austin, Texas, meets Sofia Coppola meets Kelly Wearstler meets Southwest”. Nadia went to work with that in mind and created a warm home with Michelle’s design food groups well-represented: texture, pattern, light, natural wood, plants and all things pink. The result is beautiful, but also very functional. Michelle owns the online shop MILLE (along with a communal, aesthetically rich studio space she opened last year) where you can see her discerning eye in action. Her finely curated collection of designers focuses on products made by women in the US. Her husband Chris is a writer and music critic for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, covering the vibrant local music scene as well as touring bands. Michelle may influence the aesthetics of the household but Chris supplies the soundtrack. Thank you Michelle and Chris, and special thanks to Melissa Oholendt for the photos, and Emily Saunders for the styling. Shannon

Image above: Color and light are so important when you have winter 5 months out of the year. This room always feels bright and cozy. Rugs are from my shop via Morocco. The sofa is from Restoration Hardware as are the roman shades. I’m not a big curtain fan and these feel so much less fussy. The hanging planter is Kelly Lamb, the baskets are Swahili Imports, and the light fixture is from Design Within Reach.

Image above: Open space is at a huge premium in our home so we nixed a coffee table in favor of two long handmade benches by Marvin Freitas. They are perfect for storage and display plus leave lots of room for our girls to run and play. Bookends by Marvin Freitas as well, baskets & hat from Mille.


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Image above: This dresser was a mid century find from Golden Age Design and serves as a catch all for the daily clutter. The painting is Hadley Holiday and the gold leaf artwork by Siri Knutson.

Image above: The bench is Marvin Freitas and the rug is Mille.

Image above: The Thonet chairs were a Craigslist find. Nadia painted them and recovered the seats. I was, of course, originally pulling for a bright color but I’m glad I trusted her instinct to do a more subtle gray. The rope mirror is a recent addition and I’m a little obsessed.


Image above: Our kitchen is smaller than small…really a one person space. Putting in these open shelves a couple of years ago was a game changer. (and gave me a good excuse to toss the myriad of plastic cups and koozies that had piled up over the years)

Image above: I can never have enough of these Le Parfait jars. Teas by Bellocq and mortar & pestle by Herriott Grace.

Image above: Our upstairs used to be one big open room that served as a guest room/office but was really a hoarder’s paradise. When I was pregnant with Louisa we needed to convert it into a bedroom and office to make our little house work for 4 instead of three. Nadia along with Ryan Fall and Jake Zontelli completely transformed it and this area once headquartered my shop (although I now thankfully have a much more spacious studio space). Rug from Mille.


Image above: This is the second half of the space that became our bedroom. I love the built in shelf behind the bed. Bed and lamps by West Elm, the light is the Nelson Pear Pendant, vintage Bolivian blanket from Mille.

Image above: Hopefully one day my daughters will decide sleeping in is really where it’s at and I’ll get to luxuriate in my bedroom but for now it’s a comfy place to get a short night of rest…Bedding by John Robshaw, pillow from Mille, vase by Object + Totem, candle by Kelly Lamb, artwork by The Wild Unknown and my daughter Lila.


Image above: People always assume that because I own a store I must have a seriously kick ass closet…so here it is: one rack, one dresser. It works well for me though…I can’t get too carried away and nothing gets lost in the mix (at least when I actually put it all away!). Stained Glass by David Scheid.

Image above: Nadia, Ryan, and Jake most recently tackled a redo of our one little bathroom. It’s simple and clean – just what the space called for. No fuss, no muss. Shower curtain by John Robshaw, bath board by Marvin Freitas.

Image above: This summer I turned one room into a play room and moved both girls into the same bedroom. Somehow I’m hoping that growing up in such close quarters will make them allies instead of opponents? The curtain was made by my mother in law from a patchwork sari quilt and I made the paper flower mobile the week before I had Lila. Bedding by John Robshaw, pillows by Zid Zid.


Image above: My favorite part of our new bathroom is this long shelf which provides a perfect spot for pretty things and essentials.


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  • I bet this house is so, so cozy on those -15 degree days, which I clearly remember from going to college in MSP.

    Love MILLE and her house!

  • Beautiful! I adore Michelle & her style. No surprise that her home is as warm, thoughtful and perfectly edited as the gorgeous things she finds for her shop! Yay!

  • Well, this just makes me love Michelle even more than I already did. An unapologetic devotion to pink is just so perfect. And now I’m inspired to pair down my closet to one thoughtful rack.

  • Simply stunning. Do you mind sharing details on your shower remodel? Would love to know the brand of you shower head – it looks perfect.

  • I love your home! The colors, textiles, shelving, artwork and accessories, everything! Do you happen to know the paint color you used in your living room? Thanks!

  • What a beautiful and thoughtfully planned space. I love all the houseplants–especially the one near the clothing rack with the pink flowers. I would love to know what it is!

  • I would love to know the name of the paint color used in the living room. Beautiful home!!

  • What a lovely home! What kind of house plant is that on your dresser? It’s gorgeous!

  • Thank you so much to everyone at Design Sponge! Such a thrill to see our house here today…
    answers to questions: shower head is just an old cheapie from Home Depot, the paint color is Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore, and the house plant on the dresser is a Medinilla – a little temperamental but so pretty!

  • Hi….love it all…especially the rugs, the bathroom & touches of pink. What is the cork board made out of? (in childs room) Is it cork wrapped in something?

  • Beautiful home! Everything I have ordered from Michelle’s shop has become a favorite in my house! Thanks for the inspiration.

  • @Gina – the bulletin board is made of homasote which is a building material, covered in fabric (if you google homasote bulletin boards there are a ton of how-tos)
    @Tina – the flowering plant is a Medinilla :)

  • I like it, very relaxing, but very matchy—even the art is perfectly matched. The only thing that doesn’t match is the dining chairs…which she mentioned as such.

  • Your home has the perfect mix of modern and ethnic decor–thanks for sharing! To me the result is fresh– clean lines, color and soul!

  • What a beautiful home. The colors and natural light make for a serene setting. Well done!

  • I knew I would like this as soon as I saw the first photo, then knew for sure when I read that they opted for no coffee table (a highly over-rated piece of furniture, in my opinion). The entire home is beautifully done.

  • Something that I find eye catching in most of the houses shown on Design Sponge, is the creative ways in which the art, especially paintings, is displayed. Michelle’s home is a reminder that you needn’t hang everything from nails hit into the wall. I especially love the low benches.

  • Really stunning, especially the pink in a bright and open space. I’d love to know what she thinks of the couch in terms of comfort.

  • What is the square footage of your house? This gives me hope for my own tiny, South Mpls home…

  • Thank you everyone for such lovely comments!
    @Josefina the couch is super, super comfy! highly recommend…
    @allison it is about 1100 sq ft :) typical south minne little house right?

  • Beautiful home! Can you share the source for the rug in the dining room? I’m having a hard time finding a neutral rug and that one is lovely.

  • stunning! would love to know the source of the grey bedroom curtains & the blush paint used in the girls’ room.

  • I think we have the same bathroom. What type and color of flooring do you have in yours? Ours needs replacing and I just can’t put my finger on what I want. Thanks.

  • The home is beautiful, and really inspiring! I especially love the paint color in the office, does anyone know what the name of it is? Thanks!

  • Absolutely beautiful!! We just got the keys to our house today and your home is so inspiring! What sink did you use for the bathroom?