Newman Radios: Refurbished Vintage Radios for the Modern World

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Alright—if you live in the UK, I am seriously jealous of you right now. For the past several months, my boyfriend and I have been renovating our home while listening to music on a set of $10 computer speakers from Target. While this has been okay-ish so far, the plan was to upgrade when we found a better alternative, preferably one that could play from our phones wirelessly through bluetooth. Many of the bluetooth speakers on the market, though, are beyond our budgets and not particularly attractive (I’m looking at you, Beats Pills). I get that this is a total first-world problem, but an attractive, affordable radio that compliments the home would be nice, right? This is why my eyes lit up when I discovered Newman Radios, a tiny company that has been taking real vintage radios and giving refurbishing them with bluetooth capability. They’re cute and they retail for about £65 (which, by my estimation, is pretty much half the price of the aforementioned Beats Pill). SCORE. Unfortunately, the company is located in England, so the cost of shipping prevents me from picking up one (or all) of these bad boys. UK Residents, though—get on that! —Max

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Thank you! I have been wracking my brains all morning to think of a birthday present for my boyfriend and then I saw this post and it’s the perfect present for him. I’ve ordered the Bush one – fingers crossed he loves it as much as we do!


I think just about anyone could DIY this. Just find an interesting old radio in an antique shop or yard sale, then jam the guts from an existing bluetooth speaker into it. If you’re particularly handy you could wire up a power supply or connect the buttons/dial, but I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary.

Jo Hall

I’m in the UK and spent my lunch hour wandering round John Lewis looking at horrid plastic ipod players but this is so much cooler and I have several old radios already so it would fit right in. Thanks for all the inspiring content you guys put together for us: I’m usually envious of the fab rugs, ceramics and arts you write about in the US so it’s great that you’ve featured something for us Brits. xxx


I use the Jambox by Jawbone and absolutely love it! The sound is amazing and the fact that I can take it from the kitchen to the shower to the car makes it perfect for me.


These are right up my street, off to check them out now, would look great in my kitchen and I love the old/new technology mixing. I love playing my music through my dad’s 1980s Technics hifi using Bluetooth, same idea.