Mociun Trays

Caitlin Mociun’s shop is my version of a candy store. (Albeit, a candy store where I could easily part with a month’s rent, if I wasn’t careful.) I happened to pop into the store a few weeks ago and immediately gravitated toward these trays. They were inspired by a full-length triangle shaped mirror (Yes, please!) that Caitlin had made for the shop. She had been wanting to do something with gold and rose colored glass and thought that they would make a good jewelry display piece. Her overall goal was to create something that had the elegance of an antique tray but with a more modern, less feminine feel. Each tray is made from ash with gold and rose gold mirrors and comes in the form of a square, triangle and hexagon. I think I’m in love. Contact Mociun for ordering information. -Amy

p.s. We did a sneak peek of Caitlin’s home right here!





I’m also obsessed with her shop! It’s a good thing I don’t live close enough to pop in very often but I always do when in Williamsburg. I’ve had my eye on these trays…so good!


Amazing that I was just thinking about triangular mirrors I could arrange in a pyramid and put where they would reflect my corner kiva fireplace’s flames. I thought, I will never find a triangular mirror…..and then I did!


I read Design Sponge all the time and only just made the connection that I went to high school with Caitlin. I was in awe of her – she would wear bright red lipstick and a bright pink scarf, and I thought the idea of ‘clashing colors’ on purpose was the most stylish thing I’d ever seen. Her shop is so beautiful! What a small world.