(mini) Animal Love: Badger

It’s been a little while since the last Animal Love . Not that the world is starved for animal-themed product posts but when I stumbled across a badger rug, it gave me a bit of a pause. The badger had never made it to any of my animal lists. For some reason, this little guy just does not immediately spring to mind when thinking of the members of the animal kingdom. I sort of equate the badger with the hedgehog – an animal that is most frequently spotted in children’s stories rather than real life. Or at least in my real life, but I live in New York City so what do I know? In fact, I know so little about the badgers, that I had to do some googling. So here are some facts for you on this Tuesday morning:

  • Badgers live in complex underground tunnels (which can be centuries old).
  • They live in this tunnel system with a family of about six badgers.
  • They have separate rooms for sleeping and having babies.
  • They are incredibly clean – they won’t bring food or use the bathroom in their underground homes.

And even though I might equate them with the hedgehog,  a hedgehog makes a tasty meal for a badger. Eeeek! The animal kingdom not as cozy as Beatrix Potter would have use believe. -Amy

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1. miniature swinging ‘hang in there’ badger $34.82 | 2. Badger of Honor, contact for custom order | 3. hand-printed badger fabric £35.00 | 4. badger bowl, contact for custom order | 5. badger slippers  £24.00 | 6. hand-felted badger rug $100.44






Badger’s are like racoons, they seem adorable, but you don’t actually want to meet one in the wild…


The chair is fabulous! I also enjoyed finding out that they have separate rooms. That aligns better with my Beatrix Potter view of animals.


Does this mean we can revive the honey badger video? I love that thing.


These are European badgers, which are cuter than your American ones, I humbly propose. I have seen one in the wild but they are pretty nocturnal.


I did a year of daily Buffalo, and daily Badger would be a great followup

julia knight

in the UK the government is pointlessly and inhumanely culling badgers to gain farmer’s votes. these are great gifts to salute those campaigning to stop the slaughter! have bought some already for family, thank you


I love Badgers! Who can forget level headed yet kind Mr. Badger in The Wind in the Willows or Mr. Fox’s cpa, the Badger, in The Fantastic Mr. Fox? Badgers rate right up there with foxes and hedgehogs in my anthropomorphic hierarchy. Thank you for all the lovely badger goods!


Well, Beatrix Potter created a mother rabbit who tells her son Peter that his father was baked in a pie, and also a duck named Jemima who narrowly misses being eaten by a honey-tongued fox. Sanitized views of the food chain are a much newer development than the nineteenth century. That said, what a fun collection!


The badger slippers Amy links to are baby sizes. If anyone’s interested in an adult version, go to the Kew Gardens online shop: http://shop.kew.org/badger-slippers-adult.html
(note that UK shoe sizes are different than US sizes: the small size on this website would be probably a US women’s 7-8; the large size is about a women’s 9-10)

And thanks, Amy: I’m on a bit of a badger kick myself these days…


I love badgers! So sad that not a single one of these items is easily available for sale (in the US or otherwise) right now.

Amy Azzarito

Molly – Really? They were all available when I wrote the post. Stay tuned for another animal very soon. xoAmy