Living In: American Horror Story Coven


Forget about Breaking Bad, Mad Men, or The Wire—season after season, I maintain that American Horror Story is the greatest show ever to have graced the small screen. As an avid horror fan, the anthology-style series fulfills pretty much all of my entertainment requirements—it’s got blood, guts, ghosts, devilishly dark humor, and, most importantly, JESSICA LANGE being sexy as all get out. Ever since the Harmon family moved into “Murder House” in the show’s first installment, I’ve been hooked on its decidedly off-kilter brand of camp, thrills, and biting wit. This season, creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have stepped it up yet again with a modern-day tale that centers around a coven of witches in New Orleans. Returning in new roles are Taissa Farmiga, Evan Peters, Lily Rabe, Sarah Paulson, and Jessica Lange. New to the block are Emma Roberts (playing a deliciously sassy bad witch), Gabourey Sidibe, Angela Bassett, and Kathy Bates. After last season’s oppressively dark romp through an insane asylum, the tone of Coven seems intentionally lighter—stomach-churning dread has been swapped out for twisted black humor and snappy dialogue. The thrills are still there, though, as is the stunning production design—this season is all about a ghostly black and white French/Louisianan  aesthetic that I can’t seem to get enough of. You can catch this season of American Horror Story on FX, Wednesdays at 10pm. —Max


1. Theory Icon Dress | 2. Fluted Mixing Bowls | 3. Black Resin Bison Skull | 4. Hourglass | 5. French-Style Settee | 6. Chimpanzee Candelabra | 7. Shave Brush | 8. Black Buckle Platforms | 9. Chandelier | 10. Alligator Head

livingin_ahs_2 livingin_ahs_3


1. French-Style Bed | 2. 1960s Portrait | 3. 18th Century Portrait | 4. 1960s Portrait | 5. Snake Throw Pillow | 6. White Mardi Gras Mask | 7. Ball Jars | 8. Dining Table | 9. Chandelier | 10. Subway Tile | 11. Brass Bar Cart

livingin_ahs_4 livingin_ahs_5

Show: American Horror Story

Creators: Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk

Starring: Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Taissa Farmiga, Angela Bassett, Evan Peters, Denis O’Hare, Lily Rabe, Emma Roberts, Jamie Brewer, Gabourey Sidibe

Production Design: Mark Worthington, Beth A. Rubio

Art Direction: Edward L. Rubin, Andrew Murdock, Charles Lagola

Set Decoration: Ellen Brill

Costume Design: Chris Karvonides-Dushenko, Lou Eyrich, Dawn Ritz

Jessica S.

I read in “The Hollywood Reporter” that Alexandra Breckenridge will also be making a cameo, at some point this season. (“Young Moira”, from Season 1!) The article stated the announcement came directly from Ryan Murphy; so, it seems that it’s not just another internet-rumor!

(Ps. Were you ever a fan of “Six Feet Under”? I highly, highly, recommend that you look into watching the series…if it’s a show you haven’t had the pleasure of viewing.)


Love this “Living In” feature. So dark and beautiful, and wonderfully twisted and funny!

diane {a spot of whimsy}

I read that Ryan Murphy confirmed that this series is intentionally lighter, and I’m glad for it (though my fiance is less sure – he LOVED Asylum, but I had to give it up, too depressing and dark). I am loving watching Kathy Bates, Jessica Lange and Angela Bassett chew up scenery and spit it out wherever they like. So much sass!


Great show, and LOVE Jessica Lange in all of her incarnations! And this season, with Angela Bassett and Kathy Bates – woo hooo! So campy, and soooo good! So glad they’re doing it in a city I absolutely love, New Orleans!


I just watched the very first episode of this show last week, and am still freaked out by the idea of going into my basement. It was really well plotted and SO creepy, but I don’t think I’ll be revisiting. If the later seasons get campier maybe I’ll have to check those out instead.

Juliane at Modern Mural

I love the Gothic style that seems so creepy and so elegant at the same time… great collection. I love how portrait wall art always gets a bad rap… it’s always the eyes that make them a little weird. Beautiful and haunting!

Natalie Donohoe

Thank God I’ve seen this…. Fab post, and my fave show!! Either I’ve been asleep for weeks or it’s not been advertised very well here in the uk!


I don’t watch the show, but I love all of the products shown here! I had no idea until now how badly I need a chimpanzee candelabra (yes, seriously).


I LOVE American Horror Story! I’m excited to see where the story goes this season. Great selections! I wish I lived in a spooky New Orleans mansion.

Danielle W

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I love this show! Who’s the baddest witch in town!


I love it, too! I have watched from the beginning and I’m really liking “Coven”. I love the set design – the house. The lighter wood floors are stunning. And me being 55, well, I admit it…I love the Stevie Nicks homage – so witchy.


I am LIVING in the “Living In…” posts, so much fun each time. Another series that is amazing that James Wong had his genius hands in was Millennium on Fox. Not as aesthetically pleasing but so well written!

Kate (@shoegirlinDE)

Love it! I’m loving the aesthetic this season too, not to mention the characters and the story line. What I wouldn’t give for that round light fixture in their kitchen…


“This coven doesn’t need a new Supreme; it needs a new rug.”

Beth P.

My favorite show! So imaginative and thought provoking. Jessica is stunning this season and it is wonderful to see a woman without plastic surgery, luv her!


I love this show! I too am a horror fan and this is such a quality show, it’s like watching a movie every week. :)


My sister and I adore your Living In posts. May we suggest a few movies that we would love to see depicted in this way: Times Square; Great Expectations (Gwyneth Paltrow version); and Slaves of New York. Please forgive us if we did not search back far enough in the archives to confirm these are not repeats.

Katie Richard

That’s the first thing that struck me about this season was the grand rooms and ornate accessories with white on white. Loving the new season and this post!


I love that lightening fixture in the kitchen! I wish I knew who made that.