Inspiration Library: Design Brooklyn

Before you roll your eyes at the fact that there’s another book about Brooklyn design, hear me out. What makes this book special, is that it documents the interior spaces of Brooklyn in a way that I haven’t seen before. We all know that Brooklyn has drastically changed in the last few years, but it’s rare to get the opportunity to peek into some of the private homes or have the luxury of time or money to check out all the new public spaces – restaurants, bars and hotels – that have popped up around the borough.

It’s perhaps not a surprise that my favorite part of Design Brooklyn are the homes. The book finds homes that have managed to combine both the old (Brooklyn Brownstones) with the new (modern furniture) as well as homes that take a more literal approach to preserving history and even brand new innovative spaces. It gave me a new appreciation for the sheer volume of design happening in Brooklyn every day. Go Brooklyn! -Amy

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Definitely going to pick this up for two good friends moving to BK Heights in January. Thanks for the tip.


I fell in love with Brooklyn when I travelled from Australia in 2010. My partner and I spent another 2 weeks in Fort Greene in July 2013, even a chance of heatwave couldn’t keep us away ! We have the a photo of the mural wall in the BAM carpark, we took so many more of Brooklyn we may compile a book !


Oh no, seeing this book gives me heartache. They were giving them away for free to the first 15 people to register for the Dwell House Tours in Brooklyn. I SO excited to be #15 on the nose. Had just been congratulated and directed to take the final copy from the woman running the check-in desk, when one of the Dwell organizers pried the book from my hands, explaining that she’d already promised it to someone else. :( Hah, I suppose I could always buy one, but I’m still smarting from the let down. Maybe Santa will put it in my stocking.