Human/House/Harvey: Triangles

My love for geometrics has been an ever-evolving process. As a child of the 80s, one might think that I was born with an innate appreciation for for al things geometrics, but it just wasn’t the case. Now my obsession with all shapes runs deep, but one always stands out above the others: the triangle. I love the simple, three-sided design is versatile and comes in a variety of angles you can create. It might sound odd to dissect the beauty of a shape, but I truly believe all design has a rhyme and reason, and it’s time someone show an appreciation for the triangle’s geometry. So today I pay homage with a few favorite item for me, my home and my pup. –Stephanie

HUMAN – It’s funny to me how personalized your cell phone has become over the years. So of course you have to find a case that best represents your style and aesthetic, and I find this painted triangle case to be just right.

HOUSE – There are some staples in decor that can really set the tone for a room, and the rug is one of those in my opinion. I love how affordable and geometric this colorful, yet simple, triangular rug from Urban Outfitters is.

HARVEY – We’re all about the pop of color in our household and I feel as though this neon triangle collar is just the right amount of fun, blast from the past (can you say Saved By The Bell intro?) burst of color.



Love that rug! I think that would be perfect for the new Frippery Vintage boutique I am opening next month I’ve been looking for some rugs!


I like the collar. It would look great on my dog. Ha ha ha and it does remind me of Saved By the Bell.