Hand-Painted Table Runners from Heather Chontos

This weekend we got to throw our first big dinner party in the new apartment. After lucking out and discovering that Julia’s antique 12-foot farm table fit perfectly in our narrow dining room, we filled it with food, flowers and friends to celebrate Amy’s birthday. I spent a few days trying to find a pre-made table cloth that would fit the long but narrow table, but came up empty handed. It feels like a super-long runner might be the best solution, so I’ve been on the hunt for something that feels interesting, handmade and slightly rustic. On my list of options are these gorgeous new hand-painted and stitched runners from Heather Chontos. Heather has such great taste and is a beautiful painter, and her unique handmade runners are truly special. Each one is made by hand, from the silk thread stitching to the colorful painted designs. I’d love to use one of these on an entryway table so you get a big dose of color when you come in the door, but they’d be perfect for a dining table as well. Click here to check out Heather’s full collection (there are napkins as well if runners aren’t your thing) and shop online.

*Click here and here to check out Heather’s sneak peeks on D*S!


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rebecca mebane

What a great idea to customize a piece for yourself or someone else.