Faunascape Wall Art

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For a while I’ve been mildly obsessed with prints and posters that showcase photographs of nature superimposed on something else. As someone who is both a lover of the outdoors and animals, these Faunascape Statement portraits are my favorite example of the superimposed look yet. Designed and made in Denmark, these sweet portraits feature UV-prints on Finnish plywood that comes in the form of a frog, owl, fox, raccoon, rabbit or horses. The fox is my favorite- that face is just to sweet to resist and the beautiful bit of nature that fills his form is gorgeous. Huset is selling these pieces for $26+ each, but you can also check out the text versions below, that feature sayings like ‘You & Me’ on top of nature photography ($87). Click here to check out the animals and here for the statement art. xo, grace

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I know you won’t print this, but I have to say that this is the kind of thing I see on this site for which all I can say is: “what possible need would I have for this item?”

Grace Bonney


That’s basically asking, “What need do you have for art?”. I can’t begin to answer that question for you personally, but for me, art is a valuable part of enriching my home life. If it’s not for you, feel free to skip and read on for something that’s better suited to your needs.



I really like these but I don’t see the dimensions listed anywhere.


Love these! Any idea how big they are? Not seeing any dimensions on their site.


I love these – something to brighten up your day. Art for me is something that makes me smile or brings another emotion to the surface, I don’t think it needs to have a “use” as such, but that’s just me! :)


I clicked through the comments so I could write how much I loved the Great Escape print! This is something I could buy, look at everyday and it would make me happy to see nature and think about the possibilities for exploring. So thank you for sharing Grace!