DIY Project: Mini Chandelier

I am crazy about pendant lights because they are uber versatile and super easy to customize. Whether you use a pre-wired cord and socket set or assemble one yourself, the process is simple and the possibilities are endless.With the right materials an a little bit of consideration it’s easy to create a bespoke lighting looks for any space. When picking out cord for this project I was immediately attracted to the black and white hounds tooth cord because it’s so graphic (and I’m a sucker for black and white). I decided to pair it with the softer solid mint green cord for contrast. I used 2 lengths of the pattered cord and one of the sold one because I felt that 3 different cords would be too busy. I finished the look off with mirrored bottom bulbs because they added a hit of silver and in this configuration the bulb is as much a part of the design as the cord. -Megan

Megan is the Special Projects Editor at One Kings Lane and will be sharing projects with us twice a month. You can check out her column, Weekend Decorator


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Lighting Supplies:

  • 1 black socket cover
  • 1 black socket
  • 2 white socket covers
  • 2 white sockets
  • 15-20 feet of solid color cord*
  • Two 15-20 feet lengths of patterned color cord *
  • 3 plugs
  • 3 cord grips
  • Three 40 watt mirrored top bulbs
  • One power strip

Resources: Cord, sockets and Plugs from Color Cord

*Cord length will vary depending on ceiling height. You should be sure to take into account how long you want your fixture to hang down from the ceiling and the distance from the ceiling to the nearest outlet.

Tools & Additional Parts:

  • A pair of wire strippers
  • 1 roll of electrical tape
  • A screwdriver
  • A small ceiling hook

Resources:  Tools and tape from Mc Master-Carr

  1. Begin by assembling the cords and sockets according to the manufacturers instructions.
  2. Next tie a loose knot with all three cords, just above the sockets. Use your hands to loop the cords as if you were crocheting a chain stitch. Continue looping until you achieve the desired length. I looped this one from the base of the sockets until it was long enough to hang nicely from the ceiling hook. I left the rest of the cord straight.
  3. Next install the ceiling hook and hang your masterpiece.
  4. Light it up!

TIP: It takes approximately twice the cord to cover the same amount of space when it’s looped.

Resource: Although any cord and socket set will work for this project I use supplies form Color Cord. They offer cord by the yard and sockets to mix and match and even pre-made pendants if you’re not up for a complete DIY. (Photos: Manuel Rodriguez)


Megan is the Special Projects Editor at One Kings Lane and will be sharing projects with us twice a month. You can check out her column, Weekend Decorator


This is awesome!! I just looked at their website and cords about $20-25; socket covers $5 ea.; plugs $3 ea.; and lightbulbs $6-12.


i *love* this.

And i might chicken out and get the pre-assembled units, they have *tons* for $25 each. i can picture a great fixture of 3, or 5, strands.


We need to hire imaginative people like you to write for our blog…sheesh! Love the mix of designer flair and light electrical engineering. Thank you for the ideas!


Great project! I love the minimalism and at the same time the industrial look of just cord + bulb.


love the painting in the background accentuating the the cord on the chandelier


Hi. I was wondering could you get them wired so they only go to one power outlet ie 1 plug not 3 ? Thank


I am wondering about the “circles” artwork behind the lights… are there any resources on that?