Cut Lace Newspapers by Myriam Dion

Myriam Dion is a student at the University of Quebec who creates stunning artwork with newspapers. Working with old copies of the Financial Times, The International Herald Tribune and Le Devoir, Myriam cuts intricate lace-like patterns into their pages to create a stunning new piece of art from the existing page layout. I love the way she uses the colors of news stories and images to create entirely new pictures like waves, fans and starbursts. The overall effect is stunning, but they’re equally impressive up close in detail. Click here to check them out in full and read more about Myriam and her work. I can’t wait to see what she does after finishing her school program… xo, grace



Elizabeth W.

I’m nearly speechless, Myriam’s work is so amazing. The installations on her website are stunning, when the sun shines through the windows, the intricate patterns on the floor as well as the ones on the window envelop the entire space with their lacy magic! Beautiful!

Ashley Johnson

I cannot fathom how much patience & time this would take. It is absolutely gorgeous.

jeanne groth

they loo so intricate – looks like it took her many hours to finish a project..


These are completely stunning. I had to stop looking through her portfolio because she’s so incredible it’s somehow completely disheartening to me to know I will never make something so spectacular. Even so, thank you for sharing!