Brass Hairpin Legs from Reform Brass

Today is before & after day, and one of the things I think about most on a day like this are legs. Table legs, that is. I get asked about hairpin legs more than you could possibly imagine. Furniture trends may come and go quickly, but over the last nine years, I’ve seen a consistent request for sources of table legs that have that thin curved shape. There are always vintage options on Etsy and Ebay, but so many people have gotten the hang of making tables from old doors, salvage wood and other found items that they’re looking for something newer and sturdier to work with their existing top. So I was thrilled to hear from Tony Oliver at Reform Brass (he also runs Dylan Design Co). Tony makes beautiful solid brass hairpin legs by hand, one at a time. After receiving numerous requests for custom brass furniture bases, Tony decided to make a pre-made line that would come in handy for people looking to DIY their own pieces. These legs are the result and I have a feeling they’re going to be very popular with upcycling enthusiasts who want genuine brass legs. I love the clean, sleek look and can’t wait to see these pop up in projects we post around the site. If you’re interested in ordering legs or a custom piece, you can email Tony right here. You can also visit his main site right here to check out more of his beautiful furniture design work.



When I was eight, I made one of these for my troll house out of paper clips. Ah, the sixties!


holy cow SWOON. I mean, hairpin legs are the ultimate but this just takes them to the next effing level.


Beautiful (as is everything from Dylan Design)! Cannot wait to get some of these!

Kate (@shoegirlinDE)

These are lovely! I’ve been wanting to buy cool table legs and make my own unique coffee table, but am sick of getting excited at a find on eBay and then losing the auction. These are a bit pricey, but for handmade, it’s an investment worth making. Thanks for the tip!

Phoebe Kellerman

These hairpin legs are beautiful. I think it makes the room look more airy and they don’t weigh the table down visually. Great find.