Bold Colors for the Table

Yesterday we spent the day down in Pennsylvania at Terrain shooting a (mock) wedding in one of my favorite color themes: Merlot. I feel like we see a lot of neutral weddings these days in white, blush and peach and while I find those gorgeous in their own way, a part of me was aching to see something more vivid and bright. You can see previews of some of the shots we’ll be posting in a few weeks on our Instagram feed, but after spending the day surrounded by rich wine colors, I came home wanting to fill my table with colors that felt saturated and bold.

I typically buy neutrals for my tabletop. It always feels like you can’t go wrong with white and tan plates, but when I saw these incredible blue and green marbled plates, I imagined how insanely pretty it would be to see a row of these at the table. Combined with these equally colorful coasters, they’d be such a bright dose of color you wouldn’t need flowers or anything else decorative to brighten the mood- these pieces would do all the heavy lifting. Ok, well maybe a votive or two wouldn’t hurt. I’m not ready to invest in new plates and tableware yet (I just splurged on some good neutrals from Canvas for Amy’s birthday dinner) but when I am, these might have to go on my list. Click here and here to check them out and shop online. I have a hunch either of these paired with neutrals could feel pretty timeless, too. Those marbled plates are just too pretty to not be the star of someone’s dinner party. xo, grace


Beautiful and smile-inducing. Though I’m drawn to festive tableware like this, I’ve found over the years that food simply looks better on plain plates–basic white or a muted hue with minimal or no pattern. So these speak to me as decorative objects more than functional ones.


I agree, the blue marble plates are a statement all on their own! I often style a table with neutral plates as well and let the florals and other accents bring the look together, but, there is something to be said about bringing colour and vibrancy to the table through the china. A crisp white table cloth would be the perfect backdrop to really let colourful plates pop. So lovely.