Before & After: Sherry’s Dining Room

Today’s before & after comes from Sherry Quam Taylor. Her home was built in 1903 and after demolishing and gutting the entire first floor, she and her husband felt like they finally had a space that felt like their own. In addition to new Tudor archways and crown moulding, Sherry and her husband made over their dining room from top to bottom, including new wallpaper from Osbourne & Little, dark chocolate floors and important family mementos like a vintage mirror that belonged to Sherry’s grandparents. I love the way they updated this space and am so thrilled she shared it with us today. Thanks, Sherry!


a_dining 2
mirror detail

Kristin S

So beautiful! The colors are wonderful and vibrant and yet there’s such serenity and cohesiveness to the spaces. I noticed perhaps it might be because of the curves found in the structure and the furniture. Just gorgeous.


Love your home Sherry….I’ve always known you were a great designer….yep, it’s Amy.


Lovely. Can we also get a source for the wall paint color/brand? I’m looking for ideas.


And the chairs! I need to know where those dining chairs are from, the perfect color. Amazing space!


OMG. The “before” made my eyes bleed.

The after encourages breathing again. Gorgeous.

rebecca mebane

Those arches make such a huge difference in that space. Love the “after.”


Well the arch alone makes it feel like it is an important house. Everything else is icing on the cake. Way to go strong with the wallpaper. It’s fantastic.


beautiful table lamp! where is it from please?
also I really love how cozy the rooms are, amazing transformation!


What a great transformation. Adding the arches to the space really helps to define specific rooms, but the height and openness really encourages one cohesive space. Love the wallpaper’s bold and bright colour and how Sherry used the mint green colour to tie the three spaces together, through the chairs, artwork and blanket laid on the chair. Just lovely.


It appears that the ceiling tiles have been removed. Is it so? I love the new look. Before, the space had a “basement” look. After – a fresh and clean modern look. Great job!

Sherry Quam Taylor

Thanks for all the nice words! It was a fun project for our 1st home!
Wallpaper: Osbourne & Little
Paint: Every surface in this photo is Home Depot Brand (Pure White). I promise. The different sheens give it an amazing light grey look depending on the white.
lamp: Crate & Barrel
Yes…we removed the entire ceiling (tiles) and gained 12″ of height in each room. More rooms to come! (I hope!)


Sherry, mind sharing where the chairs are from??? I’ve been looking for some with the same shape! But don’t have a ton of time to get out and shop as a stay at home mom! Tha ks in advance.


The use of the mirror along with the paint colors and lighting really open up the space. The peak in your separating walls is a nice touch . Well done overall.


Love what I see and would love to see more of this home. I truly love how you added the character back to the home.


love that you added character back to the house. The tudor arches are beautiful.


Wow, that is stunning! What a transformation, and the use of colour is fantastic. Great choice in dining chairs, but I can’t help but feel the chairs and dining room have been cheated of an equally stunning table. That one looks a little student work desk generic for such an beautiful room!