Before & After: A Headboard Is Given A New Life…As A Bench!


Sometimes the best design ideas come to you when you’re under financial pressure. Just ask Kelly, the blogger from View Along The Way. On her blog, Kelly chronicles the journey she and her husband take as they both renovate and redecorate a previous foreclosure home—while working on a relatively tight budget. When it was time to update her home’s foyer, Kelly wanted something that would appeal to her design sensibilities—something that was eclectic, colorful, and imbued with elements of her own personality. When push came to shove, however, it was Kelly’s budget that would have the final word. “The bench was DIY-by-necessity project,” Kelly says. “There’s just nothing on the market in my budget that would fit the space like I wanted, so my husband and I created it out of a little Hollywood Regency-style headboard we found at a yard sale.” With a bit of out-of-the-box thinking, some elbow grease, and a fresh coat of paint, Kelly and her husband were able to create a beautiful entryway bench that looks well beyond its final $29 price tag. “It’s been such a functional change in our lifestyle to have this little sitting area by the door,” Kelly continues, “with a place to store our shoes below it, instead of in the middle of the kitchen floor.” Check out more photos, Kelly’s process notes, and the full budget breakdown after the jump! —Max


To create transform this $3 headboard into a bench, Kelly and her husband began by removing all of the staples from the headboard and disassembling it.  They then used a jigsaw to cut out the middle portions of the headboard and used wood glue to reassemble it at a smaller size. Kelly’s husband, Andy, then used scrap wood to craft the seat and legs for the bench. Once assembled, they used a paint sprayer to apply a primer and Rustoleum’s oil-based black enamel. For an in-depth look into the process, check out Kelly’s blog post about it here.


Oh, hey! Is that a Design*Sponge book I see on the bench? Holllaaa!


Project Budget

Headboard (from a yard sale) — $3
Can of oil-based enamel paint — $13
Wood for front legs and supports — 3-foot 2×2 (poplar) and 6-foot 1×3 (poplar) — $13
Wood for bench seat — Free (Already owned)
Screws & nails — Free (Already owned)
Total — $29
Jennifer I.

This is fantastic! My entryway is the same teeny tiny wall with an opening for the dining room. Would love to see the rest of the house, she has a great sense of style. WELL DONE!

Angela DeMuro

In love with this bench and project!!!! Kelly! If you lived in Northeastern PA we would be thrift shopping and decorating together! Amazing idea!!


This is beautiful! I’ve seen DIY tutorials for creating headboards, but none on using an old headboard to create something else. This is a beautiful piece and perfect for that space. Great choice to use black.

Sarah Cappeliez

Great project! I love the colours in that rug…where is it from?


Please please let us know where the rug is from! It’s drop dead gorgeous.


I bet she’ll jump in here but I know she mentioned where her rug came from on her blog. It was a one-of-a-kind type thing, online purchase, if I remember correctly.


Love the bench, it’s such a smart project and like everyone else, I would love to know where the rug comes from.

Beautifully done!


That bench is perfection!! I once bought a small bench and paid $130 for it and thought I was hot stuff. You make me look like a spendthrift!


This idea is very creative. I like how the headboard turned out as a bench, very useful. It looks much better in black


I really like this idea of turning the headboard into a bench, much more useful now. Plus, it looks much better on white.

kay thomaston

I absolutley love this. I am going to try this as soon as i can find a old head board.. caint wait just hope it turns out as pretty as yours. I also lve rug, but. looks VERY EXSPENSIVE… LOVING YOUR BENCH FROM LOWER AL,

Kristin S

Fantastic! I would never have thought to make it less wide! So true that the best ideas can come out of necessity.

Just Shutters

What a wonderful idea! Has inspired me to try something similar with my son’s old cot bed side… Will let you know how it goes!


Having seen many “lonely” headboards in the corners of furniture store clearance areas, this idea could be replicated by scrounging those clearance areas and bargaining for a great price. Furniture stores do not like those lone wolfs in their inventory. This was an awesome idea and it looks great. Many twin size headboards would be the perfect for this kind of project.


I really like this idea of turning the headboard into a bench, much more useful now. I absolutley love this.