Awaken Sleepware by ALAS + 10 Cute Eye Masks

Last weekend I managed to perforate my eardrum, so I spent a lot of time in bed trying to rest up and give my ear some time to heal. While my hearing is still pretty cruddy, it was nice to get a few extra hours of rest and enjoy the comfy new mattress and pillow top I splurged on when I moved. The one thing missing was a good pair of PJs. I tend to be more of a t-shirt kind of sleepwear girl, but lately I’ve been thinking about getting a pair of proper pajamas. This new sleep collection from ALAS is right up my alley, with simple geometric styles and pieces that look loose enough to be comfortable but not too baggy either. While I was browsing the collection online I thought it would be fun to pull together some cute eye masks to go with the PJs. If you live on a bright city street like I do, you know that these come in handy when tall street lamps are doing their best to keep you awake. Here’s to a great night’s sleep. xo, grace



Image above: 1. Cashmere eye mask (part of a 3-piece set) $298 | 2. Sleeping Eye Mask $26 | 3. Silk Eye mask filled with lavender $74| 4. Reversible Sleep Mask $20 | 5. Cat Eye Mask $24 | 6. Cashmere Eye Mask $34 | 7. Satin Eye Mask $5 | 8. Polka dot eye mask $12 | 9. Impressions Eye Mask $22 | 10. Dream Zone Mask $8


It is nice to see that sleep masks become more and more popular. I opened my little shop with handmase sleep masks and most of sales happen at night. It is visible that people who can’t sleep search solution of their problem via internet… ;) Take a look on my shop, I think you would like it!

Tara D.

Hi Grace.

Healing an eardrum is tough as your hearing will not be good until it does heal not to mention, the no water in your ear issue. Keep the faith and you will be back to normal very soon. Love the sleep masks…enjoy the extra rest!