An Ode to the Doughnut: 10 Designs Inspired by My Favorite Breakfast Treat

This weekend I let myself indulge in a little rest and a lot of breakfast-related indulgence. I made some serious chocolate chip & banana pancakes and followed that up with coconut donuts the next day. I haven’t eaten a doughnut in a lot time (they’re not normally my splurge of choice) but that simple doughnut reminded me just how good they can be when you haven’t had one in ages. That little treat got me thinking about one of my favorite artists, Wayne Thiebaud, and the way he celebrated cakes and candies in his work. I started looking around the internet for some other examples and ended up with a little roundup of doughnut-inspired artwork that I thought would be the perfect way to kick off an October morning. It’s just starting to get cold and dark around here, so these happy little doughnut paintings and cards are definitely helping me get out of bed and find some energy to start the day. xo, grace

Image above: Chocolate Donut Photo $15

Image above: Pink Donut with Bag by Jason Walker (Oil Painting)

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Doughnut Necklace $220

Donut Card $6.50

Sweet Love Card $5

Jam Filled Doughnut Original Watercolor Painting $50

Doughnut Still Life by Heather McKaw $150

Doughnut Watercolor $30

Donut oil painting $150

Doughnut Stamp $8

Colleen Gonzalez

I agree with Jenn, the Pink Donut with Bag by Jason Walker is incredible. I couldn’t peel my eyes off it.


This post is making me hungry!!! the three stacked donuts are especially lovely. (ps grace, the jam-filled donut has the wrong image above the link, I think.)


Wow—thanks for including my little jam-filled doughnut, Grace! This is such an adorable, fun collection.

(P.S. LW is right, looks like the image got got switched :/)


Love the Donut Card from Grove Street Press. Who doesn’t want a baker’s dozen with their donut stationary?? Too cute!

Heather McCaw

This is such a delicious collection. Thank you for including me. I’m thrilled because I’ve been a huge fan of Design Sponge for a long time.

Just one small correction: my name is spelled with two ‘C’s and no ‘K.’ :)

kara mae

Excellent. The doughnut is on par with the cupcake in terms of lending itself to being a cool design element