After The Jump: Interview with Ceramicist Molly Hatch (MP3)

by Grace Bonney


When I think of ceramics, I think of Molly Hatch. She has been my favorite ceramicist since the beginning of Design*Sponge for a number of reasons. First, she combines hand-drawn elements with clay (Love). Second, she has a love of decorative arts history (something we all love around the D*S office). Third, she happens to be as incredibly cool, funny and smart as I thought she would be. I’ve long admired Molly’s work, but getting to speak with her today on-air made me appreciate her, and her body of work, in a much deeper way. Not only is she incredibly wise and careful about her career decisions, but she’s also so insightful, curious and genuinely supportive as a member of the creative community. I had so much fun hearing about her upbringing on an organic dairy farm (“Before that was cool”) in Vermont, how one teacher in college profoundly affected her career path and the ways in which she’s tested different methods, materials and collaborations. I admire her so much and can’t wait for you all to hear what she has to say about the challenges of being a working artist, what teaching has meant to her and some of her funny thoughts on ceramicst/woodworker cliches. Thanks so much to Molly for joining me today (and thanks for the Turk mug!) and to all of you for listening. [Also, you’ve GOT to watch this video Molly made about an incredible custom tile installation she did for Keith Johnson of Anthropologie’s home] xo, grace

“I think if you passionately believe in something, and you persist that it will work out.”

“It’s important for me to think about both what I’m making and being on trend, and how my work fits into this bigger picture. I think teaching enforces you to think about all the process that you’re doing, but also how that fits.”
-Molly Hatch on After the Jump

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More images of Molly’s work continue after the jump!

MFA Boston 2013 exhibit

Molly Hatch artwork on paper

Hand-painted furniture in collaboration with the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Anthropologie

Repeat pattern by Molly Hatch

Cake stand by Molly Hatch for Anthropologie

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