6 Creepy, Beautiful Objets d’Art at Still House

by Maxwell Tielman


Fall is most certainly a time of beautiful romance (colorful leaves! pumpkin-spice lattes! apple cider!), but it is also a time that allows us to celebrate and revel in our darker sides. As the days grow shorter and the air grows chillier, autumn seems the perfect time to break out the old ghost stories, don scary costumes, and decorate with the intention to scare. Although Halloween comes pre-packaged with a number of horrific decorating traditions —from pumpkins to cotton cobwebs— I have a special place in my heart for autumnal ornamentation that steps outside of this “holiday” box and provides unsettling beauty that can last the whole year round. I recently stumbled upon several of these stunning objets d’art at New York’s Still House and they most definitely fit the bill. Whether it’s Michiko Shimada’s black porcelain apple container or Swallow’s brass bat skull, these haunting household ornaments will have you wanting to keep them out way beyond the 31st. Check out all six after the jump! —Max

Above: Michoko Shimada’s Black Apple Container


Above: Swallow’s Pewter Woodpecker Skull


Above: Swallow’s Brass Bat Skull


Above: Swallow’s Pewter Hawk Feet


Above: Table Art’s Gold Chestnut Box


Above: Margins Imprint’s Seed Sound Print

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