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15 Colorful Front Door Ideas

by Grace Bonney

Now that you’ve got a cute new doormat, your door might get jealous. Why leave all the fun for your feet? Whether you take inspiration from fall foliage colors or just a color you see inside your home, a brightly painted door can be the perfect way to spruce up your home and welcome guests inside. From pink doors to bright yellow doors, I’ve rounded up 15 colorful entrances that will hopefully inspire you to break out the paint and give your door a little makeover. xo, grace

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Image above, clockwise from top left: Hand-painted Chinoiserie Door, Pink Door (Belle Maison 23), Orange Door (Lesley Graham), (center) Yellow Martha Stewart Door, Teal Door (Stephanie Wiley Photography)

Image above: Yellow Door (Cup Half Full)

Image above: Sibella Court’s green front door

Image above: Hot Pink Door (Impressions)

Image above: Cobalt blue door

Image above: Purple Door (Bright Bold and Beautiful)

Image above: Orange Front Door (Design Once)

Image above: Peachy red door (Architecture Art Designs)

Image above: pale pink door (Rue Magazine)

Image above: Navy Door

Image above: Navy Door with butter yellow trim and green siding

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  • Really love that peachy red door! I painted mine a bluish glossy black this past Sprint to contrast with my aqua-gray exterior. Still love it!

  • These are wonderful. In Provincetown there is a dark pink door in a shingle house that I love, land also a pumpkin orange one in a brown house. They really stand out in my memories of all the charming houses.

  • I adore all of these. Most of these homes see like a variation of grey, white, blue or charcoal. However, my dutch colonial is an very muted orangey brick. Any suggestions? Please do not say orange. I would love to do all the window casings and the upper level wood a different color too.

  • For brick I’d also suggest various blue shades; red brick darker blue, orange brick brighter blue.

    I love just about all of these doors. Lots of ideas for when we replace our front door.

  • I really love all the doors featured but natural brick is difficult. I’m not a big fan of blue so consider what you paint the trim around the door and pick a color that will contrast nicely with that. My husband and I live in a brick row home in Philadelphia. We painted our trim in a grey-green and our front door in a rich, bright coral. It definitely stands out against the brick and we’ve had nothing but positive comments from the neighbors.

  • Thanks for this post! My husband wants to paint our front door (it’s black) but is not too adventurous. I’m trying to persuade him to go out on a limb and do something outrageous. We have the problem of living in a very very cookie cutter split level: red brick below yellow siding. So boring!! What can you do with that?! Any suggestions are totally welcome!!

  • Love those doors! Recently went out of my way to drive past a gray house with a pink door, and was so disappointed to find it repainted (black). These are cute and an inspiration.

  • I think our doors represent who we are and how much money we have in our pocket, but sometimes, the door theles us that “Hey, come in”.

  • Love these doors. I want to go bold with my two from doors. My house is a med grey with white trim and black shutters. I was thinking either the yellow or orange door. What is the brand and color of each of these please?

  • I actually like all the doors. It would be hard to chose. I wanted black and sand edges then stain with brown. Now I really am drawn to the colbalt blue and also the green.

  • Love your taste! Could you tell me the color of the shutters on the butter siding with the Whythe Blue door. They look charcoal but I am not for sure. Found it on wp-content/uploads/2013/08/17rachel.jpg

    Mary Clifford