11 Chic iPad Cases

I was in a meeting last week with someone who had the chicest iPad case I’ve ever seen. I think just having an iPad to whip out for presentations is pretty great, but when the envelope-style purse she was holding turned out to actually be a tablet cover, I immediately asked where she found it. Sadly it turned out to be a few brackets above my price range, but that didn’t stop me. I decided to spend some time online looking at cute cases that wouldn’t set me back a month’s rent. While a good leather case can definitely be worth investing in (I’ve included a few like that in this roundup) I always think it’s nice to have an option around $20 that you can pal around with during the day and not be terrified to scuff. I’ve included the original inspiration style below too (hint: it’s the one that looks like an envelope) just in case anyone is lucky enough to have that in their price range. If it’s not in your range, don’t worry- that super cute polka-dot style is only $26! xo, grace

*Image above: Liberty of London iPad sleeve $152


Sources and more iPad covers after the jump!

Image above, clockwise from top left: iPad Portfolio $195, Composition Notebook ipad Case $85, Air Mail Tablet case $19.95, Love Letters iPad case $26, Neon orange embossed case $80, Tech-Ray Vision Tablet Case $19.99, Dotty ipad case $26, Kenzo printed case $185

Image above: Manhattan map iPad case from Kate Spade $85

My crazy splurge wishlist item: Smythson iPad Clutch $1175


Hi Grace–I check your site obsessively, liking most of what I see. But, if I see another designer making IPad, IPhone, or laptop cases and other pretty useless things like that, I think I’ll scream. The word “design” to me implies more than that–why not my field, landscape architecture?

Grace Bonney


I don’t see cases as a useless thing. They protect a very expensive investment someone’s made, so for me that’s a good bit of usefulness.

D*S has plenty of room to cover a wide range of topics, and does. We don’t cover iPad cases at the expense of any other field, like landscape architecture. I’m happy to cover anything that’s beautiful and within our style range. If you’ve got a great submission in your field to send in, please do. I don’t come across a lot of landscape architecture that’s something most people can tackle on their own (I tend to only see large scale ‘mansion’ type projects) but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist- please send anything my way you think would be a good fit for this audience.


Heather D

How about cases for non apple products? There has to be some pretty cases out there.


Pretty and not “useless” – I’m just having a case made for my Kobo Arc, but –
Smythson iPad Cluth with the $1175 price? Is is sewn with a 24 karat gold thread, or something? Sorry, I can buy two iPads for a little bit more; this is quite crazy.


Could DIY these, and the most expensive ones would be the easiest!