10 Great Dog Coats + DIY Projects

Last weekend I found myself fishing around in my wallet for money to pay for Hope’s first winter sweater. I never thought I’d actually own a dog, let alone buy clothes for one, so to look in my hallway and see a fair isle dog sweater next to my own is a little surreal. That said, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve had so much fun finding a few cute options to keep Hope warm in the winter (My veterinarian said it was a good idea, I promise!) so I thought I’d share some of my favorite options here this morning. If these don’t suit your style, I’ve also rounded up some great DIY versions below that you can try and customize to fit your needs. And if you need some more pet ideas, click here to check out our Human/House/Harvey archives for more pooch fun. xo, grace

Image above: 1. Alexi Coat $45 | 2. Reversible Coat $55 | 3. Navy Puffer $210 | 4. Voyagers Winter Coat $57 | 5. Yellow Hooded coat $45 | 6. Witney Coat $75 | 7. Pixley Tweed Coat $210 | 8. Quilted Coat $95 | 9. Porter Wool Coat $58 | 10. Charcoal Duffel $45

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Image above: Field coat for dogs $29.95

Image above: Filson Dog Coat $75


These are all so adorable! I don’t know if I should thank you or curse you since now I am going to spend a bunch of money of dog clothes. My own pup only likes the kind of coats without sleeves (#1, #5 and #10 would not work) — just something to consider if you are new to dog outfits.


Cute! Is anyone able to tell me which breed the dog modelling coat #2 is? So gorgeous.


I think that pup is a Spinone Italiano. Or it could be a labradoodle ( i’ve seen some that look like him)

Judy S.

Love all the coats. The fox terrier model is wearing the exact same design I made for my dogs several years ago and they are still in great shape today. My dogs Roxy & Zoe love to have them on when it’s really cold outside or snowing.