10 Awesome Dining Room Transformations

I grew up having dinner every single night with my family at 6pm on the dot. My mom would make a main course, two vegetable and a salad (oh and always bread on the table!). And the five of us would sit down together. I don’t think the family dinner was always successful for them – sometimes my sisters and I would fight, sometimes no one liked the food (poor Mom). But no matter what, the next night, we’d all be back at that table again. I’ve made it my vow this year, to sit down with my own little family at least three times a week. I just really cherish the time around the table (not to mention, it’s much healthier!) Of course, in order to sit around a table, you sort of need a table (although, I think even a coffee table could work). Here are some home owners who have transformed their dining rooms into something more appetizing. (I just couldn’t resist). Do you make time to sit around the table in the evening? I love this online series that explores what families eat each night – Grilled Cheese, Please!   -Amy

Image above: Nearly everything in this dining room was a DIY (even the dining table!). Get all the details here.

Image above: A breathtaking dining room transformation that took place a mere four weeks after moving into a 1800 farmhouse. Get all the details here.

See all the dining room transformations after the jump!

Image above: Dark gray walls and a pop of color make this dining area much more inviting. See all the details here.

Image above: How painting a room black can actually brighten up the space. See images of the full transformation here.

Image above: This before & after was all about taking the dining room from dark to light. See all the details here.

Image above: Just because you have a small space you don’t have to do without a dining room. This space was created things on hand so the entire renovation cost only $3. See the details on the transformation here.

Image above: The bright accents in this dining room pop against the dark wall. See all the details of this transformation here.

Image above: To keep things affordable, the home owner removed the wallpaper, repainted the walls and even used the same chairs. See all the details right here.

Image above: This entire Portland home was given the before & after treatment. The dining room design was basically about squeezing a dining room into a space that is more a passageway than a room.  See all the details here.

Image above: Sometimes it’s fun to see what the professionals would do with a space. This before & after was created by a design team in Toronto. See all the details here.


The link for the dining room with the green door, which is fabulous, is not working. Can you link to that original post?


I’d like to know what paint was used in the room with the black wall. Matte, eggshell, etc??


I agree…most are all amazing! However, the black on the ceiling is a show stopper. Love it!


I’m not a huge fan of all of them, but the one where the tips of the chairs were painted white… I love that room!!

Whitney of Whitney J Decor


Yes, like Lola already stated, The link isn’t working… That room is nice!

Louise from TheDasherie.com

I love several of these, but that black ceiling in the last picture is stunning. I was thinking you would need a pretty large scale room like that to pull it off, but following the link I was astonished to see the original room was pretty pokey looking. They added the large wall panels and full-length, full-wall curtains to make the narrow window look bigger, as well as putting a light coloured rug on the darker-stained floor and putting in that giant pendant. All of which completely the changed the apparent scale of the room. The entire transformation is really astonishing.


Love the dramatic changes in these rooms. I think changing the color to a completely different color family makes it feel like you made the biggest change. These rooms are done really well, I love this post! I use the Color911 app to help me when I need to make a color change, I highly recommend it.

Kate (@shoegirlinDE)

I have been wanting to paint a wall in our new kitchen black, but worried that it would darken an already dark room. Thanks for sharing this and helping to make my decision to go for it!

Maria G.

I like picture with light green door. I’ll take into account all the ideas, will sum them up and will try to do my best and transform my own dining room soon. As far as I’m concerned you don’t need much time for that, just paint the walls, change the design and you can observe the shining comfort of all after rooms :-)

Chichi Furniture

Wonderful transformations – I love how clever they’ve been with the tiny little space. One thing that strikes me is how each room has a feature central pendant/light fixture – I like this in a dining space as it drawers you to the table, making it a warm, social and welcoming place to sit with friends/family.

Rebecca M.

Not sure why people use a rug under the dining table with a highchair. Aren’t the hardwood floors much easier to clean?