10 Beautiful Cutting Boards

by Grace Bonney

Last year I invested in a beautiful cutting board from Ariele Alasko and it’s been some of the best money I’ve spent in ages. Not only does it get more beautiful with use and a little bit of age on it, but it makes just about any meal, snack or condiment look gorgeous. Simple avocado & egg toasts? Beautiful. Pear cake? Stunning. Figs and ricotta? Ready for a photoshoot. Investing in a beautiful board has made me take my meals more seriously and put more care and time into really appreciating the food I’m about to eat. So I thought I’d round up some other truly beautiful cutting boards, from inexpensive plastic versions to investment-worthy hardwood options. I hope there will be something in here for everyone- your morning toast will thank you. xo, grace {Image above: Lostine cutting boards, $96+}

*If you’d prefer to make your own cutting board, check out this DIY tutorial for homemade cutting boards.


All sources and more cutting board options after the jump!

Image above, clockwise from top left: Engraved Cutting Board $35, Modern Stump Cutting Board $55, Patched Cutting Board $51, Arrow Cutting Board $145 (Amelie makes these and they sell out same-day. Sign up for her newsletter to get word about the next batch for sale!), Geoffrey Lilge Cutting Board (email for available size/price offerings), Marimekko Cutting Board $31.50

Image above: Chop Saw Cutting Board $39

Image above: Leather Strap Cutting Boards $72+

Image above: Vintage Spade Cutting Board $120 (Love this!)

Image above: Bird’s Eye Maple Board $160

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