Would You…Hang a Swing in Your Home?

Every now and then I pick up a huge stack of fashion magazines and flip through them, going back and forth between oohing, ahhing and cringing at some of the things I see inside. During my most recent fashion binge I found myself constantly bugging Amy across the table to ask her if she would actually wear, carry or try something I was looking at on a page. Then I started wondering what the home world equivalent would be. White couches? Wallpaper borders? Books organized by color? There were endless ideas that we’ve seen done well (and not so well) strewn across the design blog world that made me wonder whether or not people actually would be willing to try these in their home. So over our lunch break, Max, Amy and I took a second to brainstorm a long list of design styles, looks and products we’re either curious about or perplexed by to see what YOU guys thought of them. Would you be willing to try them or invest in them? We’ll find out. I’ve always wondered what the line between Pin-worthy and purchase-worthy was, so this mini-series will be an attempt to find out what people love to admire and what they actually try at home.

Today’s first trend is something we’ve seen in a few home tours here and there, but primarily as a look that gets pinned or discussed as a goal or whimsical design dream: swings in homes. I’m not talking about front porch swings or the kind meant for children in the back yard (or the kind Samantha was into on Sex and The City). I’m talking a full-fledged “grown up” swing hung in your living room, bedroom or anywhere else it mingles with everyday ground-dwelling chairs and tables. We loved the look so much we installed one in our office, but that’s when we discovered that they can be a little risky (try explaining that decorating choice to your insurance company) and difficult to install if you don’t know what’s above your ceiling. So I wondered: have you tried this at home? Would you? Or is this a look best left to “magazine homes” or as something that’s inspirational and fun to look at, but not the most practical. The gate is open and the comment section (and poll) is ready for your two cents. xo, grace

Image sources: Top Image (Emmas Designblogg), Second Image: Top left (via Woohome), Middle (via WebUrbanist), Top Right (), Bottom Right (Milk Magazine), Bottom left (Svvving)


I’ve seen some real flats with swings. So fun! – even for adults, even though I guess it was mostly meant for the children in the familiy … :-)


Love that new column and great question to start with. I am undecided (note: maybe). Little tech feedback: After submitting my answer, I was refered to the side where the poll is hosted and it said “You are not allowed access to the side”. I had to press back on my browser to see my answer in the pie chard. Not a big problem, but I thought I’d let you know. Much love. Nadine


Oh wow! I remember being so jealous of my cousins who had a swing in their basement. Me and my sister used to fight over who would get to use it, every time we visited. I think if the conditions were right, why not?


I have a swing in my room! My dad’s a contractor so he did all the drilling. I love my swing. Some people think it’s ridiculous to have a swing in a room. But I say why not. They’re just jealous. Haha. But seriously you got to get the drilling and equipment right. And don’t go all bananas on the swing. Saw the video on Ellen of how Olivia Mun dislocated her shoulder on a swing. Nasty.


I want ceilings high enough to hang a trapeze one day, so I guess a swing isn’t too far from that.

Melissa S.

Maybe, but I’m leaning on the side of No. Not because I think it would be a death trap, but because to me, the joy of swinging has always been to feel the outside air, to look up at the trees and the big blue sky and imagine I’m flying. Swinging in a house with furniture and bookcases and a ceiling probably wouldn’t do it for me.


I did do it. My daughter’s room, but it may move to a common room if we move. Best decision ever. And easy as pie. We swap from the IKEA swing to the rings all the time to keep it fresh.


I would absolutely love to have a swing in my home! Not my current home because of its lack of space, but I think it would be lovely.


It’s a great idea but we don’t have a proper ceiling beam so no we probably won’t be adding one to our home any time soon.

Elizabeth V.

We had swings in our basement growing up! Perfect for an energetic kid during a long Michigan winter. Though they weren’t nearly this cute :)

Kristen R

I would put in a swing in a heartbeat. My husband turned our front stairs from the second floor into a slide, and the kids (as well as some adults) love it. Perhaps not the greatest design choice in the eyes of many, but what is life for if not to live and enjoy what you have? For me, a swing falls under the same heading!

Lee Sever

I would certainly hand a swing in my living room if I had very high ceiling. The decorating effect goes away if you live in one of those low ceiling homes (below 3 m height), and of course it is less amusing… actually my brother and sister in law have on one in their living room.

Lisbet Diemer

I have had a swing in my kitchen for 18 years, and at the moment trying to find out how to upholster it with fur, I. M getting older need a swing with some softnes to it, and some good looks as Well. But keep the kid friendly ones for future grandchildren, but Living with no swing no Way…


I would hang a hammock, if I had the space. We are still figuring it out, because we have one waiting to be used! Also, you can “close” the hammock (hang one side on top of the other side) so they actually not use that much space, only when in use.

If I had a swing I would actually like to SWING so I don’t think it’s very safe or practical inside, unless you live in a huge loft or something equivalent.


We had one, as our daughter was little. That was always nice. The guests were always surprised by it, but in the end, the all ended swinging. :)))


I had a swing in my apartment-of-11-years… it was only possible because of the architectural feature of two floor to ceiling metal posts that it was strung between. It was a lot of fun but very dangerous to children or tipsy guests.


I would do this in a minute if my ceilings were higher….I dunno, maybe I should do it anyway!


I lived in this warehouse space for a while and we had a swing in the kitchen, it was great. The whole place was pretty awesome, the bathroom had a spiral staircase that lead up to the bathtub which was actually a large fish pond and from there you could go out the window to the balcony/treehouse that looked over the kitchen.

That’s what happens when you give a bunch of art students/carpenters free rein in a large space!!