Debbie Carlos Prints + Weekly Wrap Up

There are so many reasons to celebrate this week. Our team finalized the details and signed the contract for our second Design*Sponge Book with Artisan (yay!), our very own Silka is getting married this weekend (double yay!) and one of my favorite artists, Debbie Carlos, just released a new set of prints and a gorgeous guest print by Breanna Musgrove of Scout and Catalogue. While Silka’s big day is the main reason I’m happy this week, I’m also loving these incredible new posters from Debbie and Breanna. The guest piece from Breanna is a gorgeous large-scale ode to marbling and the stone pieces from Debbie were inspired by stone slabs found on the streets of Mexico city. I love all of the swirling pattern happening here- it’s a great way to bring some detail to your walls without going crazy with an entire wallpapered pattern. Click here to check out both and pick up your own copies at Debbie’s online shop. Have a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you on Monday! xo, grace


Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:


LOVE that print! I have a Debbie Carlos gemstone print in my living room, and it seriously classes up the whole house.


Those are AWESOME!
It would be so cool to have one that is really large to cover a jutting out piece of wall in my apartment. A girl can dream, right?!


I had no idea you guys had a book with artisan! I work at workman publishing (they own artisan) and I read this blog every day! You better believe ill be stalking the department waiting to catch a glimpse at this book!


My wife is a huge Debbie Carlos fan and owner of 2 of her wonderful “roses” posters. So great to see other people appreciating/showcasing her work.


Found this article when I was searching for a DIY plaid book jacket. Just wanted to say thanks for linking to the project! – Evan

Carol Cline

I met Debbie Carlos back in March and was amazed at her work and her outlook on life. Truly a wonderful woman. Very inspiring.