Stone & Violet

by Grace Bonney

Lately I’ve been spending more time taking things out of my house than putting things in it. When I moved, I found myself in a sunny space that was bright white and it just seemed to demand a sort of minimalism I’d always wanted, but had not yet achieved. I’ve gotten so much better over the years at letting things go, but this last move was the kick in the pants I needed to start giving things away and only bringing in new pieces that are simple and match the new look. I’ve been eying these beautiful wooden sculptures from Laura Gray at Stone & Violet for a bit now. They’re reminiscent of geodes and crystals, but are handmade from wood, white paint and feature small wood-burned details. I’ve always had a soft spot for anything faceted, so these sculptures are right up my alley. The soft white finish matches the country-house-meets-beach-house thing I’ve got going on in my new space, but still feels angular enough to appear modern and fresh. Laura is selling a small range of them at her Etsy shop, along with some gorgeous sculptures and groupings of actual crystals, rocks and geodes in geometric shelves she designs and builds. Click here for more info and to shop online. xo, grace



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