Someware Goods

For the past few years, Amy and I have been dreaming of a trip to Peru. We’ve talked about planning trips for fun, for work and for exploration, but (mainly because of me) it’s never gotten off the ground. But now that she’s got someone special in her life who happens to be from Peru, her dream trip is finally happening and I’ve found myself drifting back towards shops and stores that specialize in Peruvian goods.

Yesterday I got an email from Giselle Hernandez, a Colombian-born graphic designer now living in Los Angeles. She recently launched an online shop, Someware Goods, that sells handmade homegoods Giselle collected on a recently trip to Peru and Colombia. With an eye for craftsmanship and quality, Giselle is building a collection that will celebrate the sorts of ‘simple pleasures’ that come with handmade work. In addition to supporting artisans these countries, Giselle is donating 10% of every sale to Live Simply 4 Peru, an organization that rescues orphaned and abandoned street children. Click here to check out and shop the full collection from Someware Goods. Thanks, Giselle! xo, grace


I love baskets. Especially in the fall during harvest season. great for market shopping, apple picking, or pulling the last little flower finds from the garden.


Everything is absolutely beautiful, but I’m always curious about how much these items actually sell in their native land.


Gina – speaking as someone who used to live in Peru until recently – $90 for a cushion is hideously overpriced.


Joanna/Gina – I have been fortunate enough to travel to Peru. Good quality, handmade products there are not cheap. Nor have I ever encountered such beautiful designs as these.

What I like about this store is that they’re selling hand-crafted products, made by small groups of artisans, that otherwise we would not have access to in the U.S. There’s also the fact these are sourced directly, with no middle-man, therefore the makers are paid directly. I’m also inspired by the giving back aspect. More businesses should be run like this.


Amy, when are you going? My husband and I are attending the wedding of a friend in Lima and then hiking on the Inca trail in the second week of November. Maybe there should be a new City Guide!


My sister traveled to Peru & she paid similar prices for high-quality products. It’s all about the quality & the artisans know what their product is really worth so they charge for it.


The charity this shop supports is run by missionaries.

The products in the shop are beautiful but I’d prefer to support a non-missionary Peruvian charity.