Skye Cable Wallpaper by Lake August

Braided hair textures get me every.single.time. Mainly because my hair has rarely ever been long enough to braid, and when it was, I was unable to do it on my own (in a French braid like I wanted). I think it’s the layers of texture- thin strands of shiny hair woven together to create this solid rope-like structure that has its own undulating feel and texture. While I’ve officially accepted that my hair doesn’t look good long and embraced short hair for good, I will always long for a good braid.

Thankfully Alexis Hartman of Lake August has come to my rescue. Rather than making cute designs for braided hairdos, she’s turned illustrations of braids into the design themselves. Her new Skye Cable wallpaper is a hand-printed pattern that looks like beautiful red braids against a rich blue background. Inspired by a trip to Scotland, Alexis created this pattern (along with a sweet fox style, too) as a spin on a traditional cable knit. Alexis’ wallpapers are screen printed in Los Angeles using water-based inks and recylable, clay-coated paper. I’m so in love with this rich blue and red combination- it’s so warm for the winter but classic enough to feel like you don’t need to change things when the weather does. To check out (and shop) Alexis’ full range of wallpapers click here. xo, grace

Lake August



Braided textures get me every single time too, Grace – I think they will always be an inspiration. Thanks so much for the post!

melissa sapsford

So gorgeous! I love the colors, and the fox wallpaper is so great, too. Makes me want to wallpaper some sort of urban cabin and drink hot cocoa all day.

Lauren Harris

These are gorgeous! I love the colors and the scale is perfect! So beautiful!

Titian Rutkin

I also love a good braid, and that fox is worth checking out! I love them all :)

Emily Bills

I love all of Lake August’s wallpapers, my husband is an architect and we’ll be using one in our new house. This one is particularly beautiful!


Elegant and cozy…a great addition to any room and just in time for fall!

Michael Abbey

More great work from Lake August! I love the style and the colors of all the papers!

Michael Abbey

I love the new work by Lake August. I have a room with lake August wallpaper that is stunning. But these new prints and color combinations are making me think about changing…