Scarves from The Block Shop

Last Saturday night, when here in New York, the seasons decided to make a quick change,  my good friend, the talented Amy Merrick (and the only other Amy Elizabeth I know) came over for a post-summer catchup (and some wine and cheese.) She arrived (bearing flowers!) wearing a beautiful triangle print scarf that completely captivated me. Even so lucky to have friends in the know, I grabbed my computer and demanded that she show me the designer, and together we spent some time looking over the work of The Block Shop. The Block Shop was founded by sisters Lily and Hopie Stockman. The sisters work directly with a cooperative of master printers in Bagru, India where artisans have been hand block printing with natural dyes for more than 350 years. (See the process for making the scarves right here.) Lily, who is a New York-based painter, has a fantastic blog, where she occasionally revels how she works out the patterns for her scarfs (in watercolor). I’m dying to scoop up one of these scarves. I’ll hang it as artwork when it’s not draped ever so casually around my neck. I’m just trying to figure out how upset Amy M. would be if I got the exact same one. -Amy


Image above: The scarf that Amy was wearing! The Flock was inspired by Lily’s favorite place – Joshua Tree.

Image above: It took their most recent trip to India for Lily and Hopie to finally get this temperamental two-toned indigo printing and dying process down right. This new Mosaic batch is softer and lighter but just as brilliant blue as previous runs.


I’ve loved Block Shop for a while now and been desperate for the Mosaic | Marigold+Black one. Such a shame they don’t ship to England!

Its good to see designers sourcing responsibly and getting so involved in their production process. I love it when a business is not just a business but a truly loved and living and breathing thing as seems to be the case here.

Amy E

I’m Amy Elizabeth too! I’ve only met one other. These scarves are so beautiful.

bigBANG studio

Amy! Thank you for writing up such a thoughtful post on Block Shop! Can’t imagine a better ambassador than Amy M.

My sis Hopie and I can’t wait to skype with our printing team in Bagru later today and show them this link. We are gearing up for a huge relaunch with our winter collection in the coming months, and I can’t wait to unleash our new designs and veg color insanity. Will also be shipping internationally (finally!) in the coming months, too.

Also: if you’re on Instagram search #blockshoptextiles to see some incredibly bad-*ss women (and men!) wearing Block Shop scarves all over the world. Totally inspires me, Hopie, and our whole team in Bagru.

xo! You made our day!
Lily + Hopie


I have the grey herringbone scarf…simple yet stunning with a white shirt and denim! You won’t regret buying one of these scarves!