Oh Joy! Studio Tour

After eight years of running her business from home, Joy Cho decided it was about time to have separate space for the Oh Joy studio. When envisioning how she would use the space, Joy wanted each area of the studio to be multifunctional – so the dining area is used for meetings as well as crafting projects and the giant bulletin board doubles as an empty white wall for photo and video shoots.  From start-to-finish, the project took about three months. The first month was primarily spent on painting and building out the space while the last two months were devoted to furnish the studio and making it feel like an Oh Joy! space. To that end, Joy partnered with designer Emily Henderson. Joy and Emily had worked together previously  (initially to design Joy’s living room for Emily’s show and then to baby-proof it after Joy’s daughter Ruby started walking).  The pair is a perfect design match. With her graphic design background, Joy is pretty confident (and anyone who knows Oh Joy! knows “confident” is an understatement!) with choice of color and patterns. Emily seems to intuitively understand Joy’s love of color and pattern and then is able to bring that exuberance into a three-dimensional space and make it cohesive. The result is one happy, happy workspace! -Amy

Studio designed and styled by Emily Henderson
Sr. Designer/project manager: Samantha Gluck
Photography: Zeke Ruelas

Image above: I have so many talented friends and acquaintances that I’ve come to know over the years and wanted to fill a wall with art of people whose work I love and respect. I asked a few friends to commission their photography for custom prints and filled in the rest with a mix of paintings and prints.

Image above: We need a lot of storage in the studio, so we got these giant pax units from Ikea and customized the handles with gold ones and the toe kick with a mix of gold contact paper and masking tape.



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Image above: After working from home for so many years, it feels great to have a desk that’s separate from home. I can leave things out on my desk and not worry about my daughter playing with them or a cat jumping on it!

Image above: We painted the whole floor in a striped pattern of grey and white. The back area, however, is solid grey. It helps to divide the space and also bring interest to the floor. You should have seen it before, the floor was a series of three different colors, red carpet, so dark and cold!

Image above: We created a kitchen area by adding in this Ikea cabinet (customized like the other storage unit with new handles and a fun toe kick). In the mornings, I make myself a cup of tea and a snack and off to work I go.


Image above: The dining room/meeting area also has a fully stocked set of prop shelves for when we’re shooting things for the blog. My collection of cups, vases, and napkins finally have a place to go.


Image above: This giant inspiration wall makes me so happy. It was initially created for a backdrop for photo shoots, but we decided to turn one side into a giant cork wall. The ribbon installation in the corners was made by Emily and her team. It’s such a fun way to draw interest to the space.

Image above: Emily gave me this vase for my birthday this year. It’s so perfectly fitting of both our styles…hers, because it’s vintage, and me because I love quirky vases and vessels. Its one of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received.


yay, this makes me so happy! So much color! I thought I should choose some muted (but samurai!) colors for my livingroom, a bit more grown up… but I love happy bright spaces so much! Oh choices choices. Let’s see what Joys living room looks like.


Emily Henderson is my favorite designer and was featured on my favorite blog. What a wonderful surprise! Both of you (emily and D*S) have made me fall in love with decorating my home.

Elana Kilkenny

Two of my absolute favorite design world people teamed up for another brilliantly vibrant, soulful, and joy-filled space. Amazingly gorgeous and darned practical that I can only imagine that it will continue to fuel Oh Joy’s creative fires for years to come. My dream is for Emily Henderson to one day design my office and now I have a vision board thanks to this posting to dream on. Bravo ladies and thank you for all the incredible inspiration.


What a fun space to work in!! Have to ask though, where is that pinky/orange velvet pillow pictured on your prop shelf from?

Rebecca Lunna

Love those dining room/meeting area chairs. Where are they from???


So bright and cheerful, I LOVE IT! We’ll be moving our design studio soon, might be borrowing some of these ideas!


I never comment, but I love this! I want to live in this studio. So bright and happy!


Looks great! What thickness and kind of cork material did you use for the wall? Tiles or something from a big sheet? I’ve been looking to do the same thing. Thanks!

Erica Midkiff

Does anyone know where the white desks came from? I’m looking for something exactly like that (to use with the same filing cabinet cart) and love the way they look. Thank you so much!


The rug in the lounge area is amazing – so colourful! Where can I get one please?!


Love the toe kick idea. And those desk chairs: ergonomic AND adorable. Can you tell us where they’re from, or how they were created?

Sarah from a fine line

Fantastic. I’m feeling totally inspired to take the next step and get out of my home office! I’ll certianly take inspiration from Joy’s space when it comes tome to decorate!


Thanks so much everyone for your kind comments about my new studio and Emily’s amazing work designing it! We’ll both be posting about the studio next week on our blogs and will share all sources as well as DIY info, so stay tuned!!



I’m a big fan of Oh Joy and her blog, and am so excited to see her studio. A great space that inspires you is so key to getting those creative juices flowin’! It’s incredibly gorgeous, and captures Joy’s style so well! Great job to Emily H. on getting it so incredibly right!


What a nice studio!! These days I also get office, and I am thinking what to do and how I can decorate. This is good example for me! Thank you.


Love the organic feel to it.. the natural elements.. the stone, the openness..


I love the joyfull, bright, inspirational, yet vintage kinda look that has bin combined with the industrial environment!


I love your color scheme, its very kate spade new york, which is pure chic and fun. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous work space!!!


i would love to know where the lamps come from–the desk ones, and the (clip-on?) brass-coloured ones over the shelves. thank you!


I believe Emily Henderson is doing a whole series of posts next week about this space on her blog so hopefully she will give some resources there.

Ashley Johnson

Can I please live in your amazing studio & have your dress?

Rachel Strisik

I absolutely LOVE this space! So beautiful and fun yet functional and organized at the same time. What a wonderful space to create in.

Manvi @ mochatini

Congrats on the new studio Joy. I fight a losing battle sometimes trying to balance working from home. My tiny one bedroom apartment is constantly being rearranged to make room for crafts, props and shoots. And then at the end of the day being a place where i can relax. I love how Joy’s studio is open, functional, homey, bright and personal.


I love this! Please tell me where you got the donut print in the kitchen from.


YES!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me I can find that green sofa somewhere!!!!!!

Chloe C

What a wonderful work space!!! Perfectly suited to Oh Joy continuing to share sweet happinesses with us. Speaking of sweet happy things, I was delighted to see the donut print in the kitchen area! Every culture in the world has a sweet fried dough, we could have World Peace with donuts…; )

Nathalie Brand

This workspace is incredible. No wonderful more creativity keeps exuding from here!
We are starting up a new shop an dyou are such inspiration. Thanks!


I’m googoo-gaagaa over this darling work studio…who wouldn’t want to experience this space everyday, all day! My aesthetic exactly….bright candy colors make me squeal with delight! Joy’s studio is well….a JOY! Thanks for sharing!