Nate Berkus for Target, Fall 2013 Collection

by Maxwell Tielman


Okay, Target. You and me need to sit down and talk. Because really, girl? Really? If I didn’t already think that you are heaven on earth with all your pretty floor displays and well-priced sheets, I certainly do now. Because, Target, you are BLOWING MY MIND. I already made note of how much I love Nate Berkus’ home collection for Target a little while back, but now the Fall 2013 collection is upon us I think it bears repeating: this is legit where it’s at. This fall’s collection, a sweet amalgam of high style and low price, includes dozens of items that I am mentally hoarding: a  beautifully brassy/marbly task lamp, a sculptural golden candle holder, and a set of trays that satisfies my desire for all things black and white. My fiancé better watch out because Nate Berkus totally has my number. [Okay, overly-effusive rant done.] —Max


1. Classic Task Lamp | 2. Multiple Taper Cande Holder | 3. Folding Metal Stool | 4. Metallic Plate Decorative Pillow | 5. Water Hyacinth Storage Basket (Coming Soon) | 6. Accent Table | 7. Marble Print Decorative Trays

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  • I love Target! I am addicted to Target! I was in yesterday scooping up the Philip Lim collection and always take a stroll down the Nate aisle. Love everything he does especially those accent tables.

  • Very high-end. I’ll definitely be swinging around the display during my next trip to Target to see each piece in person.

  • HAHAHA this post is hilarious. I love your overly-effusive rant. :) And I am right there with you. Target is just on POINT these days.

    And I may or may not be ordering those b&w trays as we speak… :)


  • Wish this line was available in Australia! I’ll just have to make do with trawling eBay for leftovers haha.

  • I am in love with that sofa and almost ran out of the office to go to Target and try to get it! Any idea where the sofa is from – truly in love

  • I love, love, love Nate Berkus as a person and designer, but I feel I must say I am somewhat disappointed in the Nate Berkus C0llection for Target as a whole. For every one fantastic item there are three very poorly made ones. Kudos to the Target stylists because they certainly make the photes look extremely nice, but in person, the items themselves are lacking in quality. Now, the Theshold Collection in Target is another story, it keeps getting better and better! I find I prefer buying those.

  • Your post was fully inspiration, I love the classic things like that. I’m going to research in TARGET right away to find them. Lucky me, the TARGET store is only 5 minutes from my home..

  • This post had me laughing out loud! I love me some Nate Berkus for Taget. I am generally pretty cheap and won’t pay full price BUT I just couldn’t resist ordering the woven cotton round storage bin in Navy/White/Black. How often do you see that color combination? They didn’t have it available in stores, so I paid full price and shipping and it should be here by tomorrow. Of course now I look and they no longer carry it online and instead it is available in stores…gotta laugh. Next up is that Chevron Pattern Storage Basket. You didn’t have the link so I’m listing it here for everyone:

  • Does anybody know where to get that couch? I’m googling like a mad woman but haven’t found it yet!

  • I asked Target about the couch in the ad! Here’s their response:

    Dear Michelle,

    Thanks for taking the time to ask us about the whether or not the couch is for sale in the Nate Berkus Fall Collection website you are referring to. Unfortunately the couch is no longer available.

    If you have any further questions, please contact your nearest Target store location for assistance.

    We look forward to showing you what’s new at Target. Thanks for writing.


    Target Guest Relations

  • I drove by a target yesterday and almost had a heart attack. Seriously one of my favorite places. I love their home department. I’m salivating just thinking about it….