Living In The Video: Baby One More Time


Although the official start to fall is weeks away, the beginning of September always seems to be the symbolic end of summer. On the street, the sound of rickety bicycles and street hockey games is exchanged for the squeaking of yellow school buses. In the supermarket, the cherries and strawberries of months prior are swapped out for farm fresh apples. The calendar, which was once an open swath of blank space is now filled with important dates: meetings, PTA events, book fairs, and after school soccer games. This informal annual changing of the season is, on one hand, a sad farewell to summer, but also one of the year’s most magical times—something worthy of celebration. And I really can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with the most iconic back-to-school music video of all time: Britney Spears’ …Baby One More Time.

Filmed over the course of three days in 1998, the debut video of America’s future pop princess was no big budget affair. Set in LA’s Venice High School and featuring outfits handpicked from K-Mart, it could have been any other run-of-the-mill production from a nameless pop music hopeful. However, as soon as Ms. Britney Jean Spears sashayed her way into our hearts in that oh-so-scandalous schoolgirl uniform, history was made. “My loneliness is killing me” would become cemented into our collective consciousness and back-to-school would never be the same again. —Max


1. Pencil | 2. White Tie Top | 3. Flare Mini Skirt | 4. School Clock | 5. Pink Pom Pom Hair Clips | 6. JanSport Backback | 7. Locker | 8. Pencil Box | 9. Edward Bess Lipstick | 10. Heeled Boots

babyonemoretime_2 babyonemoretime3 babyonemoretime_products_2

1. Yellow Sports Bra | 2. Basketball | 3. Track Pants | 4. Venice High School Sweatshirt | 5. Eyeshadow | 6. Trapper Keeper | 7. Globe | 8. Toy Hummer

Video: …Baby One More Time, Britney Spears

Year: 1998

Director: Nigel Dick

Location: Venice High School


ahh, so many memories! racing home after school to watch TRL just to watch britney and all my other 90’s favs. remember when this video was racy? miley’s twerking controversies were just an apple in billy ray’s eye.


The Living In column used to be one of my favorites but lately I find it lacking substance and catching my attention the way that it used to. I love a good 90’s throwback (Empire Records!), camp (Pajama Game!) and frivolity (Mannequin!) but Brittney just pushed me over the edge. Can we see more inspirations that people can incorporate into their lives and homes, which I’m sure for the most of us doesn’t include ADIDAS track pants?


I love Max’s cheeky feature! Down to the toy hummer and frosted lipstick. A life and home without a sense of humor needs to be reevaluated! Cheers Max :)


Love this! I love Britney Spears. Not afraid to admit it. And I remember when this video came out! Every girl wanted to get that “cute schoolgirl” look.


ahahahaa YESSSS! Thank you for the happiest throw-back. The current days of Miley make me long for the days when the Britney shenanigans were an eyebrow-raiser. Oh how times have changed. Trivia alert: Brit’s cousin played her love interest in this video.


I remember where I was when I first saw this video, (channel surfing and still living in Brooklyn, a few years out of college) and rolling my eyes, because it seemed chintzy to me at the time, yet I had a feeling it was going to be a hit. It’s funny watching it now, far from racy by today’s standards, feeling more nostalgic about it than I expected to. I guess life happens more quickly than ever! Interesting choice.


I was home sick in the 5th grade, sneakily watching MTV (way to close to the TV too) when this music video came on. I was blown away. I also remember watching 2pac Changes and thinking it was really deep.


This is too funny! I remember when it came out, I was 8, and I asked my mom if she’d help me make a top like that, haha. We never got to making it, because a few years later I was older and my love for pop was replaced by grunge. :)

Great round up!

Mrs. Vallejos

Think of this entry as something to clear the palette before we head for the pithier entries of fall. Would love to see something really dramatic, and even sci fi/horror. Bram Stoker’s Dracula? Hannah and her Sisters? (Always loved the set design!). The Godfather?

Maria G.

Oh, I remember how much I liked that video and the song when I was a teenager! I`ve been trying to look like Britney in this video! And now I can see that it is really possible. It is so funny! Especially those red trouser and yellow top!


Agree with Sherry, aside from dismay to see promotion of rabbit fur pom poms….awful.


This brings back the times when my daughter was about 8 years old + she loved Brit-Brit.

Nicole B.

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