Living In: Igby Goes Down

When I was trying to think of a movie that reminded me of fall, the first thing I thought of was “You’ve Got Mail”. But it turns out we’ve already done that movie. Then I thought of “When Harry Met Sally”. Already done. “Hannah and Her Sisters”? Done. “Annie Hall”? Nailed it. During her tenure as Living In queen, Amy Merrick did just about every classic movie I could possibly dream of, so today’s fall movie was one that came from my list of personal favorites: Igby Goes Down.

After seeing this movie I decided to paint the kitchen of my very first Brooklyn apartment cobalt blue (which I loved), so for me this film has always been one surrounded with happy memories. Then I rewatched it with Amy and Max yesterday. Apparently it’s a lot more depressing than I remember (and overly wordy), but it includes a GREAT example of Claire Danes’ very excellent crying face. If you’ve ever lived in New York for a while, these characters, and their struggle to both escape and benefit from the trappings of family money should be familiar. So for the incredible blue paint color and names ‘Sookie Sapperstein”, it’s definitely worth checking out. I’ve chosen my favorite pieces that remind me of the movie above and below- hopefully these will be more cheerful than the overall vibe of the movie. xo, grace

Some of my favorite lines:

Bunny: “I could eat you with a spoon”
Igby: “Don’t”

Igby: (About Amanda Peete’s character) “She’s a dancer who doesn’t dance and her friend is a painter who doesn’t paint”

Image above: 1. Floor Lamp $15 | 2. Blazer $85 | 3. Rugby Scarf $6 | 4. “Cobalt Stone” by Sherwin Williams | 5. Mirror $100 | 6. Conran Table Lamp $260 | 7. Chaise $690 | 8. Striped Shirt $102 | 9. Chucks $50 | 10. Calvin Klein Bamboo Flowers bedding (a classic) $125+


Igby Goes Down (2002)

-Production Design by Kevin Thompson
-Art Direction by Roswell Hamrick
-Set Decoration by Jennifer Alex Nickason

Katie Robb

Top 5 favorite movies, discovered 10 years ago. I still to this day only want to wear stripped tops and tights (not leggings) and don’t understand why that’s not acceptable. haha


I happened upon this movie on Netflix (it’s still available) and was pleasantly surprised!


The soundtrack of this film is really great, too. Had to buy it after seeing the film back then… Did hear it a l o t for quite some time. Thanks for the reminder.


IGD is kind of like Donny Darko to me. They are a slice of the late 90s/early 00. Themes about drugs, angst, and the kids are not alright. They might not hold up perfectly, because there’s a level of pretentiousness, but I still love them as a time capsule.


oh god I love this movie. It’s like a modern-day Great Gatsby. Biting, ironic, bitter. Thanks for reminding me about it. Amanda Peet was a real hoot, but the star of it was Culkin.


You should do The Incredibles….I have total cartoon house envy when I watch that with my kids.

Maria G.

You know, this film impressed me so much and I liked it a lot. It is full of sincerity and different emotions. As for all these stuff, the most funny thing is that this scarf is like Harry Potter`s! The only thing is missing are the glasses.


Thank you so much for featuring this film! It’s one of my favorites, and I never meet anyone who has seen it. And you’re right: it’s so fall. Mmmm.

Kate (shoegirlinDE)

How have I never managed to see this movie?! I love Amanda Peet and Claire Danes (best. crier. ever.), not to mention cobalt blue. Putting this on my movie list asap!