iPhone Wallpaper By Tuesday Bassen

by Maxwell Tielman

tuesdaybasseniphone_1  ‘
iOS 7 was released for the iPhone last week and, if you haven’t updated already, it’s time get with the program! Apple’s latest software update is a thing of beauty—from its wonderfully simplified graphics to its intuitive interactions. One of my favorite things about the new OS, though, is how beautifully each of the interface elements is integrated, right down to the wallpaper. If you really want your iOS experience to amaze, use a wallpaper that is filled with color— and be prepared to be dazzled as those colors inform the rest of the phone’s backgrounds and design. I’ve always been a fan of Poolga’s iOS wallpaper and am especially loving these abstract color-filled designs from one of our favorite illustrators, Tuesday Bassen. And don’t worry, if you don’t have an iPhone, you can still get in on the action! —Max

Above image: Raindrops, Hexagons


Above image: Starburst, Triangles


Above image: Bubbles, Hollowcircles


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  • I love this upgrade. so clean and easy to use! and more tools in the lock screen! yay! i was comparing the effects of the wallpaper with a friend today and we were trying to work out if the wallpaper changed the colour of the text in some apps. Ill have to try it out with some of these wallpapers!