Inspired by Fall Fashion: 20 Pink Finds for the Home

Nothing makes me happier than finding out that pink is extending its reign well into the fall and winter seasons. The fall 2013 runway shows were packed with a wide range of pinks, from soft petal shades to vivid fuschias and neon pinks. The fashion and home design world often play off of each other so I thought it would be fun to take these bright pink fall clothes and use them as a jumping off point for a roundup of 20 great (hot pink!) home pieces. xo, grace


Full sources and more pink after the jump!

Top Image: 1. Thonet Chair $195 | 2. Towel Set $12 | 3. Kilim Rug $695 | 4. Britt Bass Print $45 | 5. Cluster Studs $68 | 6. Stripe Pouf $30 | 7. Blu Dot Strut Table $699+ | 8. Bazooka Strap Watch $195 | 9. Striped Candles $24

Image above: 1. Icosahedron Pendant $1500 | 2. Cole & Son’s Rajapur Wallpaper | 3. 48-pack of pink hangers $36 | 4. Nail Polish $18 | 5. Clarity Low Bookcase $3775 (swoon + splurge) | 6. Alarm Clock $20 | 7. Aviva Stanoff Pillow $275

Image above, top to bottom: Loeffler Randall bag $650, Fuschia Throw $150

Image above: Pink Jewelry/Keepsake Box $144

Image above: Storage Bin (set of 3) $32


Fantastic finds! I have navy accent walls, so have been looking for a perfect hot pink coffee table, side table or pouf to add to my living room. If anyone has a great (affordable) suggestion, please let me know!


I think you guys at Design Sponge must love pink as much as I do (check out my logo and website). That pink lucite shelf is truly amazing! My vintage jewelry would look gorgeous in and on it!


OMG! Best post ever! LOVE LOVE LOVE. I think you need to have a once a week pink post :)

kaela d.

I really disliked the color pink my whole life. As of the last few months it has been slowly creeping into my life and I have found a new appreciation.

kaela d.

Also a huge fan of the pink glass bookcase (serious swoon) and the print. All of it is so great!

Laurel Anderson

Pink never left the scene. those who love pink have pink in their lives no matter that year’s style. Love the beautiful tones of pink, it is a much more versatile color than one would imagine.